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  1. Renae

    Final Project

    This was the most entertaining project for the semester. I enjoyed recording this and making it my own. Audio books are pretty cool when you’re the one who’s voice is on it. The best part was deciding what I wanted my audience to hear while I said certain things. I hope I pulled it off [&hellip
  2. Renae

    Sound Production – Midterm Make-up

    This is the a cool sound production project I did. It is basically a story made from sounds. It begins with me coming into work and proceeds into my morning procedure for opening my store. I walk in put in my alarm code, begin to count all the registers and even microwave some breakfast
  3. Renae

    Project 2

    This is a remake of the sounds from a scene of Jurassic Park. This was a fun project to do and it was a little bit challenging
  4. Renae

    Final Reflection

      The experience of DS106 has been a great one. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting coming into the course but I’m so happy I took it. I learned a lot of things that I can use in many ways in the near future. I got the opportunity to work with others on a…
  5. Renae

    Final Project

        ORIGINAL     ORIGINAL             ORIGINAL         ORIGINAL         ORIGINAL     ORIGINAL           ORIGINAL           ORIGINAL       ORIGINAL             ORIGINAL  
  6. Renae

    Final Project Update

    My final project idea was completely changed. After speaking with the professor I realized that I could just do one of my favorite assignments a few times to create my final project. I’m really excited about it because it is something I enjoyed doing a lot. I’m creating a bunch of ds106 movie posters. I…
  7. Renae

    Digital Archiving

    I never really thought much of archiving before watching this video. I never thought I’ve archived myself. I suppose I didn’t get the true meaning of archiving because I do it on a daily basis. With Instagram, I post a picture nearly everyday of things that are happening that day. I don’t do much on…
  8. Renae

    Final Project Pitch

    For my final project, I’m thinking of putting together a video of my favorite ds106 assignments I completed, and also related things that I’ve done in my spare time, in regards to visual, because that’s what I like the most. I want to make a video of them because I want to use some of…
  9. Renae

    Find Yourself REMIXED

      For this remix assignment, I took an image that someone else did where they found their name and added something to it. Can you find it?   To the left is the original image and to the right is the new image.
  10. Renae

    Pokemon Card REMIXED

      For the original assignment, the person had to create a pokemon card and list their powers on it. I chose to remix this card because I thought it looked cool. My remix card was to “Dr. Seuss” it, so I added the Lorax. I liked the way his hands are positioned, it’s sort of like…
  11. Renae

    Car Lust REMIXED

        So this is my remixed version of LayzLay’s Car Lust assignment. That assignment was to find a picture of a car that they love and write about it. For my remix I had to make the assignment more pink. Anyone who knows me well enough knows how desperately I want a pink car, so…
  12. Renae


    The assignment was to take a video and go through the frames until you find one that represents the overall story.   For my frame I choose to use the sims 2 version of Candy Shop by 50 Cent. Here’s the original video and this is the clip I chose I chose that frame in…
  13. Renae

    30 Second Documentary

    This assignment is to make a 30 second documentary of yourself. I’m thinking of doing a documentary of what I do at work, or maybe something that I’m amazing at. I’m leaning towards something I’m amazing at and using my brother ...
  14. Renae


    For the play-by-play assignment, you have to create a play-by-play commentary of a video of some sort. I’m thinking about doing a commentary on me playing a video game. For this I will need a camera, either the one from my phone or my digital camera. I’m also going to use my little brother as…
  15. Renae

    The Sound of Music

    The sound of music is a really old film. I used to watch it all the time when I was younger. I still have the VHS to this day. Unfortunately, I no longer have a VCR. This has got to be one of the BEST movies ever. There’s lots of action and there’s still a…
  16. Renae

    Womanizer .

    Over-Dramatic Reading The assignment was to choose any written material and do a dramatic reading of it. I chose to do Britney Spears Womanizer simply because I was listening to it.
  17. Renae

    Radio Show Bumper

    So for a group assignment we had to put together a radio show for the ds106 radio station. We had to create a bumper for the show. My groups radio show is named The Viral Takeover. It coincides with our topic and we thought it was an awesome name. At first I didn’t really get…
  18. Renae

    Movie Voice Machine

    Harry Potter The assignment was to create a voicemail message from a movie character. I love Harry Potter and I figured who would be better than him. He’s currently busy trying to capture Voldemort, please don’t disturb
  19. Renae

    Taking Back Spam !

    Spam This was some email spam that I found looking through my account. The assignment was to read some spam and make it your own while trying to understand it. I still don’t get it lol.
  20. Renae

    Weather !

    Imitate some weather The assignment was to imitate some weather using only your voice and things within arms reach of your computer. I did a windy day.
  21. Renae

    Cartoon You !

    I uploaded the original image, to the left, onto and just played around with the different types of effects there. I used the pencil effect which just turned the image into a penciled drawing.
  22. Renae

    DS106 Pains

    Originally this was the movie poster for Labor Pains. I changed it to DS 106 Pains and also changed the name of the book Lindsay Lohan is holding. I added a print screen of the ds106 website to the poster, because it coincides with the books new name, “Coming to terms with the new view.”…
  23. Renae

    The DREAM Animal !

    The DREAM Animal Using Paint Shop Pro (PSP) I created my dream animal! I originally started with a picture of a pitbull. I gave him the head of a monkey, the wing of a bird, and the front legs of a lion. I’ll call him pimolibird !! I basically just pasted each additional image onto…

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