1. rishabh

    Talaash – The search is worth exploring


    The stage is set. The most awaited murder mystery is for you to see. Talaash has created this anticipation and the movie has something you never expect. Set in the grim underbelly of Mumbai, the movie keeps you glued on frame after frame, in sheer hope, so much that you…
  2. rishabh

    The Moviebuff 2012-11-28 03:15:00


    Life of Pie – Visually sumptuous Based on the novel by Yann Martel having the same name. To call “Life of Pi” a visually stunning film, would be stating the obvious, but the film weaves a series of breathtaking visuals and takes it up a notch after every frame. I…
  3. rishabh

    ARGO – A movie worth the time!!


    I  went last week to a movie purely out of boredom and for want of watching “Something Different”. Argo was the movie playing that time and the plot sounded interesting. I had seen the Ben Affleck directed “The Town” earlier and was impressed with his style of direction then. 


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