1. rljessen

    Melodramatic Bookshelf


    Another day, another long lonely day.

    Nobody ever notices the bookshelf.
    It’s not like when I was new and every person through the door mentioned me,
    praised me,

    No one ever notices the bookshelf. Doing my job, holding their things: nicknacks, tea pots, artwork, and books, …

  2. rljessen

    My Week of Connected Learning


    I had a lot of great opportunities for connected learning this week. I was a teacher and a learner, connecting face to face and online with people who were sometimes a few cubicles away and sometimes halfway around the world.


    At work I built a private Yammer community for …

  3. rljessen

    Connecting via Twitter vs. Zombies


    Connected Educator Month has me reflecting on the ways that I connect, learn, share and create with other educators. I am fortunate to belong to a couple of vibrant communities of practice which form the backbone of my PLN (Professional Learning Network.) I value their experience, insight and their international …

  4. rljessen

    Musing about Shadows

    What is with the clouds and the rain all of a sudden. Where is the sun? Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate that it hasn’t frosted or snowed yet.

    But there are no shadows on the streets. I picked shadows for his month’s photo theme because I have seen …

  5. rljessen

    The 95% Silent Meeting


    For the first day of Design Week in #DS106 I decided to try my first DS106 Assignment. I chose Design Assignment #1048, which was to ” Make an invitation for any event, whether it occur or not.”

    I created an invitation to a meeting that I was trapped in …

  6. rljessen

    Design Week 6 #DS106


    It’s Design Week in DS106. I am one of the volunteers/cheerleaders this week.

    I love exploring the impact that design has on my life. I teach media, communication, and other nerdy things that depend on an understanding of design and layout and space. I love exploring and photographing architecture.

    The …

  7. rljessen

    DS106 week 3


    Was there a week three? There must have been because I found this draft post.

    In week 3 I…

    Did some Daily Creates

    On September 9th I wrote a short story about someone writing a story about someone writing a story for #tdc610.

    On September 10th I created …

  8. rljessen

    on #LearningStyles & Yelly Babies in my #ZPD


    Alec Couros, [email protected],
    in a multi-tweet conversation
    w/ @laurelbeaton @bonstewart @verenanz @rljessen @gsiemens

    about parent/child Moocs,
    & their potential
    2 circumvent a lot of the implicit
    hierarchies around learning/schooling
    …model an actual diff space

    “I rather enjoy
    a strong cacophony
    of yelly baby bedlam
    within my zone
    of proximal development.”…
  9. rljessen

    My Excellent E-Town Experience


    Last week I was fortunate to spend two days at e-Town,

    “an intensive two-day Edmonton festival of ideas for entrepreneurial-minded people who get excited by innovation, change and disrupting common thought.”

    from the e-town website

    I first read about it in August. It sounded really interesting and I wanted …

  10. rljessen

    Zombie Mentorship


    I don’t have any scientific evidence, or even much up-close observation since the risk of infection is high, but I am not sure I believe this whole brainless #zombie thing.

    The current very considered thinking amongst all 11 and 13 year olds surveyed is the although #zombies might still have …

  11. rljessen

    Personal Zombie Attack


    The tide is turning. #zombies seem to be hunting specific targets now.

    Maybe it is the residual vibe of human friendship. Maybe that explains why Karen Young continues to hunt me, post after post.

    That doesn’t explain why Barbie Zombie persues me.

    She thinks I have time to reply to …

  12. rljessen

    On the run, zombies on my tail


    I don’t think this bridge is very safe, too much construction. Traffic moves slow.

    On the run

    I’ll have to stay hidden. Crouched down in the passenger side. It is not comfortable, but at least it’s not dark yet.

    Stay off the net. #zombies attack every post.


    Be safe.…

  13. rljessen

    The last #human?


    Am I the last #human?


    It feels like it.

    Zombies are everywhere.

    #humans getting their brains eaten every time I look at the feed.

    I try and look away, but I am drawn to the carnage.

    Alone in this #safehouse.…

  14. rljessen

    Still Dodging

    It am getting worried. Every time I look #humans are getting bitten.

    Another #human lost

    Every time I look into the digital landscape I see more #zombies.

    They pop up like ground squirrels in Saskatchewan.

    Ground squirrel country

    #recruitment efforts are not working. #human numbers are down.

    The batteries to …

  15. rljessen

    The DailyCreate Sept 6


    The September 6th DailyCreate

    I loved the DailyCreate today in #DS106.

    As soon as I read it I started planning what I would write. I had all kinds of ideas of how I could mesh two stories together. While I was at work the stories took place in …

  16. rljessen

    Hello #OOE13


    The Open Online Experience, #OOE13, started this week. Hello everyone in#OOE13!

    Although the official launch was this week and the first synchronous session was on Wednesday, it’s not too late to join the 168 participants from 23 countries who have already signed up.

    If you’d like to learn more …

  17. rljessen

    New School Year, New School Again


    The new school year starts tomorrow. My daughters are starting a new school again.

    This will be their second school in two years. The school changes haven’t been a reaction to the school they were attending. Last year, when we moved to Edmonton, they had to change schools. One of …

  18. rljessen

    Headless DS106 Starts Tomorrow!


    I’ve signed up for the latest incarnation of #DS106 – Headless DS106, it starts tomorrow, the same day that I start back to work after summer break. I am really looking forward to it.

    What is DS106?

    DS106 is a course about Digital Storytelling, with University of Mary Washington …

  19. rljessen

    The High Level Street Car and The Fringe Festival


    On Saturday the girls and I took a historical streetcar across the High Level Bridge to Old Strathcona, and checked out the Fringe Festival.

    It was a great adventure.

    Jasmine and Paris at the Streetcar

    We had a bonus adventure before we got to the streetcar. The girls didn’t manage …

  20. rljessen

    Fort Edmonton


    Fort Edmonton Park

    The girls and I visited Fort Edmonton yesterday. They have been there more often than I have so I let them guide me around. We had a great time.

    Fort Edmonton Steam Train

    The Ice House

    We arrived just in time to catch the steam train to …

  21. rljessen

    Alberta to Ontario Road Trip


    I have just arrived in Ontario after a four province road trip with my mom and the girls. We joined my mom for the return portion of a much longer trip; she drove from Orillia to Victoria and back (with a stop in Banff for my nephew’s graduation – just …

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