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  1. samsonsays

    Wedding Monograms

    Version A Version B That is the 2 versions new monogram. Using Some old school pen and paper techniques and with the help of Adobe illustrator. This is a monogram from about a year ago:
  2. samsonsays

    Mom goes to a Magical Beach


    This is my first good Magazine style photo edit. The picture was taken in Burlington as a joke, but the project I became serious about. I had about 3 drafts, each draft having some defining issue- i settled for this, because I truly like the way it came out.

    I …

  3. samsonsays

    The Bigger Picture

    My film “The Bigger Picture” is about the connection between two Periodontists (Dental Surgeons), Doctors Jay Rubin and Shalom Mintz. The connection between the boss and the associate. The teacher and the student. Friends. Originally, I wanted to do a … Continue reading
  4. samsonsays

    SciFi Rabbis

    I saw the weekly email from my highschool. In it was a short article telling parents and alumni about a monthly project which the Assistant Principle assigns to test the student body’s creativity. “…the Contest of the Month allows each … Continue reading

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