1. sanctum

    Cloud and Tifa


    Here is the original assignment.

    Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII.

    They were best friends as kids. They told stories, and made promises to one another. All was fine until the war began. Cloud joined the military so Tifa would notice him; this is an important …

  2. sanctum

    Digital Story Flakes


    Here is the original assignment.

    Do you know your favorite cereal? Maybe it’s a sugary kind like Reeses’ Puffs or Fruity Pebbles; or, maybe it’s a healthy kind like Raisin Bran or Special K. Either way, you have probably identified over the years one that you love and cherish.…

  3. sanctum

    Deadline: Trading Cards


    Here is the original assignment.

    My favorite novel of all time is The Deadline: A Novel About Project Management by Tom Demarco. This book is about software development, management, and all the politics involved in producing successful software projects.

    As a kid, I loved to play the card game …

  4. sanctum

    Through My Window


    Here is the original assignment.

    I walked out from my room. A long hallway stood between me and happiness: a window that peered off my deck onto the grassland and roads below.

    How could I cross this impeccable distance? There were so many distractions in the way.

    First, I …

  5. sanctum

    ET (Atari 2600) Packaging


    Here is the original assignment.

    Have you ever heard of ET for the Atari 2600? It could quite possibly be the most famous video game in history. Nearly every single sold copy was returned to the manufacture. The games were then aggregated and dumped collectively into a landfill in …

  6. sanctum

    An uncomfortable, comfortable chair


    Have you ever wanted to try something different? One thing you could try doing is flipping your computer chair upside-down, and then sitting on it. You may quickly realize that there is only one sure way to orient a computer chair, and that is with all the legs closest to …

  7. sanctum

    Fifi and the Flowertots


    I had to create an album cover for a make-believe band. I followed these instructions.

    The assignment required little or no skill, and suggested that we copy images that had copyright licenses. I followed the instructions because I’d rather to go to jail than not do this assignment as …

  8. sanctum

    Mindless Photography


    Pay Attention to the Moment:

    My girlfriend and I went to Jolly Roger’s water-park in Ocean City, Maryland. I had brought along my Nikon D5100 to take some photos. Below is a picture of a giant bucket of water being dumped. The bucket is a pirate’s head, to fit the …

  9. sanctum

    Best of DS-Hell 106


    These photos are simply the BEST! Okay, not quiet.

    Are they better than nothingness? Probably.

    Are they good enough to get a grade for? Who knows!

    That’s what’s so great about DS106!

    Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

  10. sanctum

    Car Love


    My girlfriend and I would always watch the Cartoon Network show Regular Show. We liked the show a lot, so we named our cars after two of the characters.

    My car Mordecai is on the left, while her car Benson is on the right. Below are our two cars ‘kissing’.…

  11. sanctum

    Week 5


    Here are the two daily creates I completed:

    Wild Chocobo Buffer Overflow!!!

    I may have done more daily creates, but, alas, once you miss one, there is NO going back. Oh heavens, no! Such absurdity.

    We had to complete three Visual assignments. Here they are in their glory.

    Car Love
  12. sanctum

    The Required Assignment!


    Here is the original assignment.

    I don’t think of myself as being artistic. It was a challenge finding a photo to manipulate in various ways. I ended up choosing to photograph my Arduino Uno and an accompanying breadboard.

    The original image


    The first idea I had was to …

  13. sanctum

    Wild Chocobo


    See the original assignment.

    I just love my little desk chocobo! I could not resist taking a picture of him for this assignment!

    The chocobo is a bird that can be mounted like a horse. It is a fantasy animal from the Final Fantasy Series.

    In the games, chocobos …

  14. sanctum

    Buffer Overflow!!!


    No one will understand this except for the true nerds. Here is the original assignment.

    Basically, the story behind this photograph is that I am a huge nerd. I made traffic signs that appeal to programmers. The reason the signs are yellow is because yellow indicates caution.

    The ‘<<‘ and …

  15. sanctum

    Anti-DS106 Photoblitz


    Hey DS106’ers! Let’s start off this blitz strong with an FU to those who are offended! Be bold everyone!

    Human emotion

    ‘Human emotion’ just emanates from this photograph, can’t you tell? The expression of dislike toward completing idiotic tasks. A true masterpiece. Self-reference is a beautiful thing.

    An unusual angle…
  16. sanctum

    Audio Storytelling


    What did I learn this week?

    I learned how to record sounds from my computer, appreciate radio, and not much else.

    What did you struggle with?

    Not going insane. It’s a pain to edit audio and enjoy the process.

    At first I struggled with obtaining the sound files I wanted …

  17. sanctum

    Tourette’s Guy in COMM 101


    We’ve all had a guy like this in our class before–someone who is not affected by social norms, who can basically say whatever they want and get away with it. This audio file captures this moment, although it gets a little ridiculous. WARNING: THE FOLLOWING CLIP CONTAINS PROFANITY.

    Posts online …

  18. sanctum

    Talking To Machines


    Check out the original audio.

    Overall, how effective do you think audio was for telling the story?

    Using audio as a medium was perfectly fine. Many ideas of the story, such as instant messaging, are easy to visualize and do not require video.

    There was a ton of post-production. …

  19. sanctum

    Printing Problems


    Another wonderful day. Time to print an awesome cat picture!

    Oh no, out of paper again. I could have sworn we had bought more rolls.

    These cats are losing their color! I knew I should have bought better ink.

    This is a lot of work. Just to print cat picture……

  20. sanctum

    Nuggets of Storytelling


    Storytelling is a process. To craft great stories, certain nuggets of advice may be used. Below I describe some nuggets.

    Two important aspects of storytelling are the anecdote and the reflection.

    The anecdote is your opportunity to tell your story, event after event, all while maintaining suspense and interest. The …

  21. sanctum

    Week 3


    What is Storytelling?

    Storytelling is this
    Digital Storytelling is this

    What did you learn this unit about your notion of storytelling?

    I learned that I’m pretty godawful at it, and that I find it to be more of nuisance than something useful.

    Where might it apply to your …

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