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  1. Save The Pandas

    The Last One

    I can’t believe my last semester of UMW has come and gone! I’m really glad I got to end it with a great class, aka ds106!! I’ve learned so much from this class and I’m really hoping to keep up with a new blog after graduation! Digital Storytelling: A (final) definition So way back when ...
  2. Save The Pandas

    Final Project Summary

    So I didn’t really look at the assignment bank to see how many points my assignments were worth mainly because I kind of just did things on my own. I thought back to all the things we’ve done in the last few weeks and just created media from there Peter the Panda Trading Card — ...
  3. Save The Pandas

    Life of a Secret Agent Panda

    You might think that being a panda is easy. Well, it’s not. While many of you think that us pandas are just sitting in the zoo or in China eating bamboo and sleeping, we are actually all secret agents. We fight evil all over the world and could be disguised as almost anything.I’m here to show ...
  4. Save The Pandas

    Peter the Panda Theme Song

    The last assignment I did was to create a music video with theme song for Peter. I started out using “Secret Agent Man” and used the first 46 seconds of the song. Then I recorded over the part that said “secret agent man” and replaced it with “secret agent panda” using Audacity. However, you won’t hear ...
  5. Save The Pandas

    Peter the Panda Pintrest Page

    As we’re delving more into the life of Peter I decided that I would make him a Pintrest page so the kinds of tools he looks for to help him become a better agent. I used Hackasaurus to change the pictures, websites, names, and everything else on my Pintrest page in order to make it look ...
  6. Save The Pandas

    Perry vs. Peter

    Since the two agents met unexpectedly in Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s building, I decided to make a GIF of their first encounter. I first had to download the video from the internet (since I needed an entire episode for the rest of my project), and then trim the section of the video I wanted in MPEG Streamclip. Then I ...
  7. Save The Pandas

    Trading Card

    In the show “Phineas and Ferb” Perry the Platypus finds his nemesis, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, fighting a new secret agent. In comes Peter the Panda. Both Perry and Peter are from the same agency but now do not like each other because they are fighting for the same “villain.” For the first assignment of my final ...
  8. Save The Pandas

    An Evolution of Sabrina

    One of my FAVORITE shows growing up was “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” I thought it was the cutest and funniest show ever! And I still do! I always thought she was a good role model and the ending was the best anyone could ask for! So I decided to do an evolution of Sabrina throughout ...
  9. Save The Pandas

    It’s All Green To Me

    So like I said earlier, I really like using Windows Movie Maker so I got to use it again in this mashup! The task was to pick a color that is prevalent in your life and take pictures of it. Then you are supposed to pick a song to play in the background...
  10. Save The Pandas

    This is How we Remix

    So funny story. Remember when my computer died back in February? Well apparently Professor Levine made a ds106 assignment out of my situation and I JUST now found it! I laughed so hard when I saw it and was so touched that I my old computer has an enti...
  11. Save The Pandas

    Recycled Media

    I made a movie out of recycled media and an audio of me. This project was really fun because it forced you to be creative with what you were given. I decided to make a short clip of how my life is pretty much me being too lazy to go to the gym everyday...
  12. Save The Pandas

    For the Remix!

    I think that what Cory Doctorow and Jonathan Worth are doing to make the public domain better and explore remixing is very cool. I decided to make a book cover for “Eastern Standard Tribe” and went with a disorganized theme. The name also just reminded me of Native Americans and since the book is about ...
  13. Save The Pandas

    What is a ReMix?

    I thought I knew what a remix was but I guess I didn’t know the whole picture. I’ve always known that mashups were a mix between two or more media, mainly because I used to listen to Flounder’s mashups on DC101 back in the day. I didn’t know, however, that there were so many rules ...
  14. Save The Pandas

    IRL Emojis: Tutorial & Prodcut

    In order to put all the different pictures inside the same file, I first opened all the files inside Photoshop. Then I selected every picture and pasted them on the file that was going to be my final photo or collage. Each picture must go  in a different layer, so you can arrange them how you the want. Then ...
  15. Save The Pandas

    Peter the Panda

    I feel like this is obvious but I’m choosing a panda for my character. It will actually be “Peter the Panda” from a show called “Phineas & Ferb” on Disney Channel….don’t judge me. Anyways Peter the Panda is a secret agent panda and he’s pretty cool.. I definitely want to make a GIF of PtP ...
  16. Save The Pandas

    Video Editing

    These last couple of weeks have been quite stressful and I was extremely upset with myself that I left all the assignments for the second week (even though Professor Levine told us not to!!) >_<! This resulted in me having to do video assignments that required little to no speaking on my part because….I’ve been ...
  17. Save The Pandas

    Lip Sync: Taylor Swift

    I was really proud of myself on this assignment! I did it in one take and it came out perfectly!! When I saw this lip sync assignment I knew right away which song I was going to do!! Taylor Swift is pretty much the essence of my being…no one judge me!! I want to say she’s ...
  18. Save The Pandas

    Recording Dani’s Memory

    So I kind of cheated a bit on this one (so I hope that’s ok!) but I really liked Dani’s memory so I had it sent from 5000 miles away via the interwebs. In fact, I made him re-record it a few times because I had to have him do it the way I wanted ...
  19. Save The Pandas

    My Story

    This was one of the assignments that I was most excited for!! I got to tell my story through note cards. I have seen videos like this before and I’ve always thought it would be cool to make one for myself so I did! I started out by writing what I wanted on post-it notes (because ...
  20. Save The Pandas

    Redubbing Harry Potter

    I decided to redub a scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 (wow that’s a long title) because I’ve actually done this before with my friends (we just didn’t record it). The story behind this is that we usually hang out and decide to watch Harry Potter because we’re total nerds. Half ...
  21. Save The Pandas

    PSA: Save the Pandas

    So as I’m sure everyone knows by now: I love pandas. So when I saw the assignment I was like “OMG I HAVE TO DO A PSA ABOUT PANDAS!!” So I did. It started out with a couple of videos I took at the National Zoo in D.C. a while back. But then I decided it needed ...
  22. Save The Pandas

    Range of Emotions

    This assignment was worth one star but was really funny to complete. My face can contort in a number of different ways and I thought I would share some with you. First I recorded myself doing some crazy faces in one take on my webcam. Then I used Windo...
  23. Save The Pandas

    Week 10: Video

    This week we started analyzing videos and how filming works, and I’ve got to say I’m loving it so far! I’ve always had a passion for film and really wanted to take some film appreciation classes in college but never had the time to. Alas, I get to start enjoying AND creating some of my ...
  24. Save The Pandas

    Video Pre-Production

    This is my story This video assignment looks really cool (and kind of takes me back to my middle school days). I remember watching videos like this with “emo” music in the background and telling some “emotional” story about how they’re lives suck or something. Well this story will be nothing like that! My story ...
  25. Save The Pandas

    Daily Creates

    Only two this week!! Which was lucky for me because I was so crazy busy and most of them weren’t my taste because I’m pretty self conscious of my drawings and videos of me! Draw a picture of the best present you ever gave or received. This is my (attempt at) drawing a 2 liter ...
  26. Save The Pandas

    YouTube Genres

    I really enjoyed this part of ds106 this week. It was so funny to watch the videos posted on the google doc and see what categories they were placed under. Some of my favorite genres were parodies (because who doesn’t like a good spoof?), WTF?, and unintentional hilarity. I added this video to WTF? because really…what ...
  27. Save The Pandas

    Good Will Hunting spoofs

    I have seen this movie about five times and there are many things on the IMDB page that I didn’t know. For example: The scene where Will (Matt Damon) and Sean (Robin Williams) meet for the first time and Sean talks about his “bodily functions,” was completely ad-libbed. This was why Will was laughing so hard in the ...
  28. Save The Pandas

    A Classic Movie Analyzed in a Different Way

    Good Will Hunting is one of my absolute favorite movies and getting to analyze one of the most famous scenes for this class was really fun and interesting. I never thought of analyzing this movie for the film making! The first thing I did was analyze the camera work and completely turned off the sound. I ...

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