1. Scott Lockman

    Tweaking the Time Machine

    road trip troubles

    In the next scene of this film, freely available on the internet archive, our young coeds encounter two disoriented Civil War soldiers who’ve wound up in 1960′s rural America because of a malfunctioning time machine. Gunplay ensues. The boy winds up in hospital and the girl vanishes. …

  2. Scott Lockman

    We have a winner

    Radar Range

    It didn’t take John long to figure out which film the previous animated GIF came from in his comment on the previous post: Pump up the Volume. He, MBS and Dr. Jones will all be entered into the drawing for a bag of sweets from the nougat …

  3. Scott Lockman

    Sometimes you feel like a GIF

    cassette tape The story:

    I’d been spending some time thinking about radio and audio experimentation even before the recent radio purchases that have been mentioned in previous posts. But the imagination was really sparked weeks earlier when I watched the movie from which the animated GIF above was pulled. I …

  4. Scott Lockman

    scottlo calling – episode 002

    scottlo’s knock-off radio

    Those who are willing and able to listen to this hour-long recording will get to hear how a Chinese knock-off of a classic Sony transistor radio came into my possession recently. The episode also features a few recordings of a local radio station that were picked up …

  5. Scott Lockman

    Terrestrial Radio Cross-Cast

    “All I hear is radio scottlo”

    I was able to find some time to do a set on ds106 radio today which consisted of playing some local Saudi fm radio I’d recorded earlier. Though if seemed to be a wee bit of a lark as I prepped for the show, …

  6. Scott Lockman

    scottlo calling – episode 001


    I hadn’t realized that my first podcast, Tokyo Calling, began eight years ago this month until I was recording the opening segment of my new podcast: scottlo calling.  It seems like a lifetime ago. And in many ways, it was.

    So here I am in a new place with a …

  7. Scott Lockman

    Couscous & Stew


    The kitchen experiments continue with relish. I’m so fortunate to have a mother is an enthusiastic and awesome cook. She and I have enjoyed frequent menu consultations over the Skype in recent days. When I complained of never again wanting to see another grain of rice, she suggested I try …

  8. Scott Lockman

    Whimsical yet menacing


    After a few days in the compound, I decided to move into an apartment building where a couple of colleagues who’ve also recently arrived are staying. The building is on a broad boulevard lined with the street lamps pictured above. Their sleek design and sharp tips have repeatedly grabbed my …

  9. Scott Lockman

    Almost There


    It just occurred to me that this coming Monday will mark one month since my arrival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It seems like forever since I spent three days in the decrepit and mysterious compound pictured above.

    My intention upon leaving Japan back in July was to use …

  10. Scott Lockman

    Jumping Jive


    Recent excursions into Hollywood and pop-culture history have made me realize that there’s a lot of awesome stuff out there that I’d never even knew existed. When I leave Japan next week for a few weeks of R & R before heading to the next chapter, I plan on looking …

  11. Scott Lockman

    Hang Loose Haoles

    Dr. Lawrence Jacoby

    I continue to slowly work my way through the four plus hour Northwest Passage fanedit version of Twin Peaks in search of GIF-able sequences. The GIFed scene above is from Dr. Jacoby leaves Conference Room A after a curious conversation with Special Agent Cooper and Sheriff Truman …

  12. Scott Lockman

    Femme Fatale

    Audrey Horne

    Just before shooting this electrifying glance at a breakfasting Agent Cooper, young Audrey Horne delivered this priceless line,

    Sometimes I get so flushed, it’s interesting. Do your palms ever itch?

  13. Scott Lockman

    In the Morgue

    Special Agent Dale Cooper

    One of my main goals in assembling animated GIFs is to make the loop appear as seamless as possible. To do that in this scene of Agent Cooper after he retrieved a foreign object from beneath Laura Palmer’s fingernail, it was necessary to use layer masking …

  14. Scott Lockman

    Twin Peaks – fanedit

    Bobby Briggs

    Watching the four plus hour Northwest Passage fanedit of Twin Peaks brought back a bunch of memories. The video claims to be distillation of the mystery surrounding Laura Palmer’s murder. I suppose it works on that level but frankly, I was never much interested in the plot line …

  15. Scott Lockman

    Totally Fun and Good Podcast – 008


    If this blog were a paper journal, I’d dog-ear this page. That’s because this recording documents the moment I had my first true glimpse of the promised land for the type of internet audio I’ve been imagining from the beginning.

    As mentioned repeatedly in the second and third segments, that …

  16. Scott Lockman

    Totally Fun and Good Podcast – 007

    Live from the Data Center

    If I had it all to do over again, I’d have configured things so that the data center segment, which was recorded as a Google + Hangout from Second Life, had more of dream sequence sort of feel to it. But as this is still …

  17. Scott Lockman

    Carey on Mannix


    The podcast now shows up in iTunes. The only problem is that only the one or two most recent recordings show up on the rss feed. I’ve made an adjustment to the feed setting so that it should display the 40 most recent posts instead of ten.

    Until a better …

  18. Scott Lockman

    Now it’s for real


    At the outset of episode 7 of the Totally Fun and Good podcast, which is currently in production, I mentioned that I’d just submitted an application with iTunes and set up a Feedburner account for the podcast. The recording was made last Thursday and since then the application has been …

  19. Scott Lockman

    Totally Fun and Good Podcast – 006


    It almost doesn’t seem fair to be able to have as much fun as I did in assembling this episode. Those who are curious about my current work flow might be interested to hear an extended discussion of my current podcasting process. The three audio applications referred are Hindenburg, …

  20. Scott Lockman

    Bolger, Hamlisch and Crosby


    Every once in a while, while writing a blog post, all of the text disappears. It happened to a student during one of my classes this week. The same thing seems to have just happened here. For both the student and me, it happened while typing the undo keystroke sequence.…

  21. Scott Lockman

    Monday Morning GIF Challenge


    With only three weeks of dependable internet access available and a bushel & peck of digital dreams to make come true, there just isn’t time to give a proper write-up to the GIF above. This thing is so loaded with potential but I just can’t figure out which way to …

  22. Scott Lockman

    Facebook’s Cloud Party


    Having spent the better part of a Sunday trying to figure out how to move around and build in Facebook’s recent 3D virtual world application Cloud Party, I still have no idea what to make of it. I learned about Cloud Party earlier this week through the Second Life Educators …

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