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  1. Neo-Rev

    Heed the Call: What Led Me Here

    I, Neo-Rev, found myself…no…formed myself about 10 years ago. I haven’t always been Neo-Rev, but circumstances led me to my current calling. After spending my early years in lands up north I sought my new carvanserary in Virginia. It wasn’t long before I found myself under the tutelage of the Reverend who taught me the …

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  2. Neo-Rev

    life. a newspaper blackout poem

    The newspaper poetry blackout assignment is a project I’ve wanted to do for awhile. I’m a big fan of the fridge magnets that give you a limited set of words to work and create with and I see this kind of assignment along the same lines. I grabbed my free copy of the Free Lance-Star […]
  3. Neo-Rev

    A Truly Sedge Experience

    For my first Visual Assignment I chose the “Make An Album Cover“. I’ve done this before on some other blog of mine but, I enjoy the random elements to this assingment. Gathering the pieces The first step is picking the band name via the random page function in wikipedia. I landed on a page about […]
  4. Neo-Rev

    Identity At Camp Magic MacGuffin

    Getting in the spirit of camp has not been hard. I’ve loved watching my fellow campers get into the Daily Creates and other various assignments. One problem I have run into is that of identity. I have so many blogs, social media sites, and spaces that are mine that it is hard to find a […]
  5. Neo-Rev


    Dear Kitty, It has been a great week at camp! Glad you have been patient with me while I work on all my new things for camp instead of playing with you. Perhaps I’ll craft you a new cat toy for all your patience. This has been a banner week for my creativity and I […]

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