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    Final Project


    For this project I decided to go with option one. I really enjoyed making that mini-documentary and wanted to try my hand at it again. It took me about a week to finally figure out who or want I wanted the documentary to be about. I remembered a conversation I …

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    Week 10 Summary: Mini-Doc


    This week I went and filmed the footage I would need for my mini-doc. I spent nearly all day at my daughters school on Friday. I ended up not having class that day so it was the perfect day for this project. I got a lot of good footage of …

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    Radio Show week 2 Summary


    For the radio show I don’t feel like the group collaborated much, but rather everyone kinda did their own thing. At least we announced what we were going to be doing so that we didn’t end up all doing the same thing like commercials and what not. I am curious …

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    Radio News


    This week I decided that for my 5 minutes of the radio show I’d do a news piece on “current” events and trends in 1986. We are not doing a certain year, but I figured I’d just focus on one year since it’s a news bit. In order to find …

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    Summary Radio Show week 1


    This week we were assigned to do a group project to produce our own 80’s themed radio show. Our group was very late in getting together, but we were finally able to connect. I went ahead and created a commercial for the show. I know one other person also created …

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    1980’s Soda Commercial


    For the radio show I decided to make an 80’s themed soda commercial. I decided it would be best to just make a fictional one. I looked up popular 80’s slang and chose to go with Chill Bomb Soda for the name of the product.

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    DS106 Radio Logo


    When I started this logo I was trying to incorporate a boombox, but the way I went about implementing it, it came out terrible so I completely scratched that and went with this design instead. I also decided to add the blue “Radio” shadow to it to create more interest. …

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    The best way to learn and develop a skill for design is to first become conscious of a good design when you see it. Then to evaluate and analyse what makes this design “good.” What is the design trying to communicate? Pay attention to the details, because the more details …

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    Week 5 Summary(Audio)


    This week was on audio and it was better than I thought it was going to be. I’ve never really made anything on audio software before so this was out of my comfort zone. But it surprised me how fun it ended up being to create little sound clips.


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    Quote with a New Feeling


    For this assignment I chose to do the recording of a quote then add background music to it.

    “Do not let the past disturb you, just leave everything in the Sacred Heart and begin again with joy.” – Mother Teresa

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    Radio Show Ideas


    -Interact live with the live-tweets do Q&A 80’s themed (What character would you play in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? etc).

    80’s Trivia. If it’s trivia over songs, we could play the correct answer(song) after the question is over.

    -We could do a drama set in the 80’s. Maybe the reenactment …

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    Played from Another Room


    For this assignment I took the song Fine and Mellow by Etta Jones and created it to sound like you were walking by a club where the performance was taking place.

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    As I am listening to “The Lady Vanishes,” I notice how the music is not constant and that it changes from section to section. I think they do this to help keep this story from sounding static and stale. It helps set the mood and creates interest. It also helps …

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    A Sound Effects Story


    For this assignment I used freesounds.org to supply the sound effects for my story. It was fun mixing two or more sounds to play at the same time to help create the story better and less choppy. Also using fade out was very helpful.

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    DS106 Radio Bumper


    Here is my ds106 radio bumper I made using Adobe Audition and the audio library on YouTube. I have never really played around with an audio editor before. It was very similar to a video editor so thankfully there wasn’t much of a learning curve to it.

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    Week 4 Summary-Photography


    Photography week is definitely one I easily got myself lost in. I enjoy the challenge of finding a “new” abandoned building(though I didn’t use it for any of the assignments). I also loved being introduced to Annie Leibovitz and the malls of the 1980 ‘s. What’s beautiful is that it’s …

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    Film Photography Tips


    Since this course is 1980’s themed I figured I’d go ahead and do tips on film photography. There are things you have to keep in mind when you want to shoot a good unfiltered picture on film. You have to be more purposeful. Film is limited, so take all the …

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    In History


    Since it is hard for me to take a full-body picture of myself, I decided to use an old picture of me doing a bigfoot pose for this little project. I would like to tackle this assignment again with a little help in taking a better picture for the task.…

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    A Day in the Life (a visual story)


    This is a typical day in my life when I am not at school or when my children are at their dad’s house. This particular weekend involved potting my new plants and testing out one of my Polaroids. My picture was distorted, because the film got stuck. I had also …

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    Summary week 3


    Storytelling is something that is all around us. It is something we need to familiarize ourselves with in order to compete and stay relevant. Although stories do follow the same overused outline there are ways to brand a story in a way that makes it refreshing. It is no secret …

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    Letter from out of the blue


    I recently just joined a postcard club and will be sending out postcards this week. I have already received 3 since joining. My plan is to find a stack of old unused postcards from an antique store and use my typewriter to write them out. I will update this post …

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