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  1. skasner

    Week 5 Summary

    I cannot believe that this class is over! It makes me kind of sad, because this class was so unique and I’m going to miss having a lot of assignments that are actually fun. I hope that as the semester starts I am able to actually use a lot of what I have learned! Final […]
  2. skasner

    Haven’t Read a Novel Since High School?

    For my second created Digital Assignment, I decided to use the app Vine. I had to use it for one of my Video Assignments and really enjoyed it. It was an easy to use app yet a challenging assignment since Vine videos are so short. There have been a few Visual Assignments like the one […]
  3. skasner

    A day in the life of Rachel Green. (How It’s Made)

    This assignment was very stressful. I think that i did not anticipate how much work was going to have to go into it. I decided at around midnight last night that my character was going to be Rachel Green (probably because I was watching Friends). I decided that post series finale, things might not be […]
  4. skasner

    A day in the life of Rachel Green.

    Dear Diary, Trying to find a new job has been a NIGHTMARE to say the least. I know that giving up Paris was the right thing to do, but I didn’t expect it to be so hard to get my life back in order! Joey seems to think that building an online presence will help […]
  5. skasner

    Take it easy.

    I have had this song stuck in my head since I read the DailyCreate at 10 o’clock this morning. For some reason, I would absolutely love to think that people have gotten proposed to on this corner. I think I’m a little bit of a hopeless romantic, but I think that it would be so […]
  6. skasner

    Essential and Basic “How-To”s for DS106

    Welcome to DS-106! Get used to a lot of tutorials and how-tos, because this class is all about learning different media processes. This how to is going to describe how to embed videos and audio onto your WordPress blog. The easiest way to embed something into your post is to insert a link. For this […]
  7. skasner

    The End.

    She took one last look around her childhood bedroom. It’s bare walls and lack of belongings scattered about gave her a little shiver. Just last week she had been unpinning posters off the walls and packing her possessions into boxes. Her graduation pictures, which had been the latest editions, were now shoved into the pages […]
  8. skasner

    Week 4 Summary

    Week 4 was STRESSFUL to say the least. I started working on the assignments a lot earlier this week and still didn’t finish until Sunday. I think that for this week, I was a lot more unfamiliar with the technology that we are using. I had some trouble without downloading and things like that. The […]
  9. skasner


    To me, this video seemed like one that would go viral pretty quickly. I think that people would be very entertained by some guy getting locked in a lion enclosure. Therefore, I decided to create a story in which This video has been an internet sensation: I don’t usually watch Tosh.0, but I know that […]
  10. skasner

    So you want to make a movie?

    Welcome to muvee Reveal! Before you begin to create your movie, you will need to either buy the product or sign up for a 15 day free trial. Signing up for the trial is simple: all you have to do is enter your email on the pop up screen and wait for the promotion code. Enter […]
  11. skasner

    Lost Cow

    A friendly cow all red and white Has wander far to her great fright. Can’t find her heard with all her might She may be looking through the night. She wanders lowing here and there How she had left without a care! But ever since she saw that bear Her nerves have been all on […]
  12. skasner

    Tell Me About Yourself!

    For my very own Digital Storytelling Assignment, I decided to create one that would tell me about my classmates. I feel as though I am learning out their personalities, but only so much can be expressed through assignments. I think it’s the psychology major speaking, but I love hearing about a person’s life story. Here […]
  13. skasner


    So I know we are just coming off the World Cup and everyone has the soccer bug right now, but I am obsessed with this team. I’ve been Jurgen and the boys since before they were a team, back three years ago when Klinsmann was hired. This is a collage I just made of me and my […]
  14. skasner

    We Got A Large Haze

      I chose this clip on Pearl Harbor! I went to Baltimore yesterday where they have the USS Taney, so I figured this clip would be appropriate. Analyze the camera work: This clip starts off with a lot of panning. This slow movement of the camera around a scene captures the entire scene. It shows the […]
  15. skasner

    Who knew there was so much to movie making?

    Never before have I stopped to consider the concepts that Ebert goes over. Whenever I watch a movie I just watch it, feel it, and think about it. I don’t stop to think “hmm, I wonder what this scene would feel like if the characters switched positions or the camera angle were different”. And I don’t […]
  16. skasner

    Week 3 Summary

    Week 3 has definitely been the most stressful, and from reading my classmates’ blogs I think that I am not the only one who feels that way. At the beginning of the week I was NOT looking forward to having to record my own voice or fool around with audio equipment; as a result I […]
  17. skasner

    The Circus

    I thought that this assignment was going to be SO hard, but it was actually a lot of fun! I was born in October, so I had 1:01-1:30. Here is my final product, as well as the video! I hope you all like it!   I used a Chipotle to-go top: My friend’s adorable puppy: […]
  18. skasner

    A shower.

    For my Sound Effect story, I decided to recreate a simple shower! Here are the sounds I used: Shower Curtains Faucet Shower Head Running Shower Whistling Squirt Bottle  Soapy Sounds More Soapy Sounds Wet Footsteps  Ahhh I found all of my sounds using I used Audacity to combine my sounds together.  I downloaded the sounds […]
  19. skasner

    TV Voice Mail

    For my second audio assignment I created the voice mail of a character from a TV show! Since it is a TV show, and probably not everyone has watched it as many times as I have, I will give a few hints: There 7 seasons. One of the main characters left an actual voice mail […]
  20. skasner

    “Absolutely Nothing”

    For my first audio assignment, I decided to read aloud a poem. The picture for this assignment was of a tattoo on someone’s wrist that said the word “poetry”. I immediately identified with this assignment, because I have the word “infinite” tattooed on my wrist. I got it right before I moved in freshman year, […]
  21. skasner

    This Just In…

    This took me a little while, because I was having a lot of trouble with the technology. For some reason while I was working on it tonight it all seemed to click… Fingers crossed that I get it right!
  22. skasner

    Week 2 Summary

    And now we have completed out second week! Thankfully, this one went a lot smoother than the first. I feel as though this week I had a firm grasp of how to complete assignment and post them correctly. I was actually able to relax and have fun with the assignments! The feedback that I have […]
  23. skasner

    Some quality L-O-Ls right here.

    Alright, y’all ready for some insane cheesiness? I’m sure that cows would be utterly shocked that people pasture up the opportunity to live in the wide open country and instead move into the city. Who wouldn’t want to milk all of the advantages of nature? I’m sure they would be sour with all of the insulting cow animations. Some of them probably […]
  24. skasner

    Design Safari

    When I first read this assignment, i expected it to be really challenging. However after I began to look for different design elements, I found that it was actually quite easy to spot different elements in common signs or messages. The first design that I found represents a common symbol. For this class, it was stated […]
  25. skasner

    Your fortune is…

    For my third and final Design Assignment, I decided to create some fortune cookies! Using the Harry Potter series (I’m rereading the books right now, which is why so many of my assignments have been HP themed), here is what I came up with: Google was very helpful for this assignment,  however since I’m kind […]
  26. skasner


    For my second design assignment, I decided to play around with how the meaning of a word can be reflected in how it is written. Here is what I came up with: I think that I am not alone in saying that when I see newspaper letters cut out and taped together to create a […]
  27. skasner

    A flash of red.

    If you have no read The Giver by Lois Lowry I suggest you stop reading, get into your car, drive over to Barnes and Noble, and purchase yourself a copy. Even if you never return to this post, you will thank me later. I guarantee it. If you have ready The Giver, thank I hope you can appreciate […]
  28. skasner

    My new law.

    I was reading somewhere the other day about how a country (I can’t remember which) decided to begin a system in which every individual got compensated just for being a citizen. Even though I do not know if this system is still in place, it explained that there were fewer hours worked, fewer illnesses, and […]
  29. skasner

    TEDxPhoenix Talk Response

    Well, that was certainly one intimidating video! Now not only do we have to learn about digital storytelling, but we have to create new means of thinking about it?! After thinking about this daunting prospect, I realized that we may be the best candidates to do just that. Do I know about visual and audio […]

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