1. smorris1331

    The Case Against Divestment


    Divestment has become a big issue. Heck, The Blue and Gray Press (and all its glory) has the word “Divestment” in big print on practically every one of its cover pages. I am on the President’s Council on Sustainability (PCS), and was also on the Subcommittee on Divestment that just …

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    Best of DS106


    With the semester done and Digital Storytelling finishing up, I figured I’d make a best of post for the class. I had a lot of products I liked, and some not so much. Here are my favorites:

    The Serious:

    The Minimalistic Poster. This one was easy to do, but I…
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    Finals Weekly Summary


    The first two things I did were my tutorials. I chose these two because they were photo editing, and I feel that is my strongest suit (if I am going to offer help to others). Another point I wanted to make using these is that photo editing software is great, …

  4. smorris1331

    A Tail of Two Trips



    God. Really? 6 am already? Man it sucks getting old. Whatever, let’s just get this over with. The line is going to be long at the airport. I’ll call the cab now. God I hate these business trips. MOM MOM MOM MOM MOMMY MOMMY WAKE…
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    Its OK! I’m Jewish! Tutorial 2


    First off, I’m Jewish! It’s ok. This post could be considered offensive, consider this a way to start a dialogue about horrific events, a social commentary, a part of the grieving process, or just a plain old joke. Whatever makes you feel satisfied. There are no safe spaces, no trigger …

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    Weeks 13/14 Summary


    This week focused on remixes and mashup. This was a tricky week as it also related to copyright and those laws associated with it. While we focused on what a remix is, what we also looked at was the legal and ethical dilemmas associated with the use/changing of someone else’s …

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    Consumer Mashup


    For this mashup, we were tasked to combine a place we go to, with what we buy from them. My thought went straight to Domino’s Pizza (I was sitting in front of a box). I realized it had holes in the dice, why not pizzas? It is what they primarily …

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    What is a remix?


    First off, what is a remix? A remix is any mashup that’s not an original. It is a combination of multiple unoriginal things to make something new.

    This leads to a series of ethical dilemmas. If its not the original, should it be credited? Should whoever made the original be …

  9. smorris1331

    This Doesn’t Belong Here


    This assignment was to mix two movies subtlety (which typically is not my strong suit). I chose this one because it seemed like a very interesting topic, and I really enjoy editing pictures.

    To do this, I wanted to combine two polar opposites. I figured I’d start with the main …

  10. smorris1331

    The Evolution of the Simpsons


    This assignment was to show the evolution of a character throughout a TV show. I had multiple options to think of for this, but I wanted to make it flow. To do this, I thought of an introduction theme I could use and though of the Simpsons, and the though …

  11. smorris1331

    Remix the Swedish


    For these remixes, I ended up clicking through a couple until I found one that made sense to do. I got the assignment was to remix “DS106 Bumper Sticker,” but “swede-it.” I am not quite hip to the new lingo, but it struck me as to make it swedish(?).

    So …

ds106 in[SPIRE]