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  1. Tales from ds106 » weekly assignments

    Week the 13th: The final nightmare


    movies_freddy_vs_jason_1Final Project

    Due Friday, 12/4/15, by midnight.

    For your final project, you are going to tell a story across multiple categories of media. You’ve done writing, photography, audio, video and design. You’ve remixed and mashed up. You’ve done big projects and group projects. You’ve connected different stories in your weekly showcases. Now we’re going to bring it all together in … Read the rest

  2. Tales from ds106 » weekly assignments

    Week 5: Audio: In ds106, no one can hear you scream


    9/18/15 – 9/25/15

    All work is due by midnight on 9/25/15

    This week we will dig into audio storytelling. That goes beyond the words and tone of voice to include sound effects, background noise and music. We will be asking you to consider how these subliminal elements impact the story. We are also introducing ds106 radio (an open, Web-based, community … Read the rest

  3. Tales from ds106 » weekly assignments

    Week Three: Writing & Raving



    All work is due by midnight on Friday, 9/11

    Below is a detailed list of what’s to be completed this week.

    1. Read Some Horror: Read/view/listen to and respond to two the following:
      Last Respects
      Night Gallery: Certain Shadows on the Wall or on Hulu
      Boris Karloff’s Thriller S01E37 “The Grim Reaper” Full Episode
    Read the rest

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