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  1. Erin O'Neal


    Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead student commentary I thought I had been giving enough time to each subtitle. Now that I’ve watched it away from the Mac, I find that I needed to give each subtitle another couple seconds. Sorry. … Continue reading
  2. Erin O'Neal

    Web Storytelling

    We’ve been watching Twin Peaks lately… and I’ve decided I want to do my Web Storytelling project in that vein. Get ready for Twin Peaks Twitter Stream! I’ll edit a Twitter page with 2-3 episodes of thoughts and maybe quotes … Continue reading
  3. Erin O'Neal


    My mom sent me some old photographs of my grandmother when she was nineteen. Don’t ask me about the getup- I would not be able to explain it. My mom’s side of the family are from Cuba, from Oriente. As … Continue reading
  4. Erin O'Neal


    In Digital Storytelling, we’re making radio programs. We’re doing this thing called the Velociraptor Variety Show, set a few months after the zombie apocalypse (made all the more perfect by the fact that two other groups are doing time:now zombie … Continue reading

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