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  1. tenisham

    Facebook Feeling Conclusions

    So for the past several weeks I have been documenting the feelings of friends, family, and myself using status via facebook. Every day I looked for feelings of happiness, sadness, and anger and each day I was able to find at least one status for each of the 3 categories. People use the web or […]
  2. tenisham

    Facebook Feelings: Wed. April 27, 2011

    Happy: Me #”At chillis… Yum! Haha.” Sad: Tiffany (friend) #”Quit tryna sell me a hope n a dream I don’t got time for it..I’m to busy livin reality” Angry: Tiokha (cousin) #” On everything I cant stand a liar…. Everytime they lie they should lose a year of their life lol seriously tho”
  3. tenisham

    facebook feelings

    Tuesday April 26, 2011 Happy: Jackie (friend) #” Ive grown a lot… able to see what i couldnt before… God opened my eyes to a better world! #FAMILY” Sad: Toya (cousin) # “the only person tht can help me in this time of need is GOD…ughh..what a day what a mighty stressful DAYYYYY!!!!!” Angry: Jonte […]
  4. tenisham

    Advice for future ds106er

    Dear Future DS106er, If you are looking for an online course where you can lay back and do the assignments on your time because the course is ONLINE, well you may not want take this online. This coure is intense and it is very important to stay on top of the assignments because there is […]
  5. tenisham

    Fandom Assignment

    So I have been thinking about this assignment all week. Well, mostly because I couldn’t think of something that I am truly a fan of. Then, as I was riding down the road jamming to Chris Brown’s new album, it hit me. HIM! I am a big fan of Chris Brown! So, for this assignment […]
  6. tenisham

    Facebook Feelings April 25, 2011

    Happy: Shereka (friend) # “Out with my biff?” Sad: Me # “done studying for the night goin to finally try to lay down and get some rest. Exam tomorrow. =\” Angry: Deonte (friend) # ” I guess our love was seasonal your a joke man”
  7. tenisham

    Facebook Feelings

    Sunday April 24, 2011 Happy: Megan (friend) # “Let’s go Yankees!!” Sad: Tiokha (cousin) # “Jamari && I are going to visit my daddy ? RIP” Angry: Tonya (friend) # “Was just told I’m cute as a button and look like a 16 year old.. Very insulted.” Saturday April 23, 2011 Happy: Vanessa (best friend) […]
  8. tenisham

    Facebook Feelings

    Wednesday April 19, 2011 Happy: Takarra (friend) # “Overall today wasss a perfect day” Sad: Lexx (friend) # ” ?you cant paint a pretty picnic… but you cant predict the weather’?” Angry: Sabrina (friend) # “Once yur a whore yur nothin more I’m sorry thatll never change;;” Tuesday April 18, 2011 Happy: Bria (friend) # […]

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