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  1. thelonius


    CREATE!, a photo by theloniusly on Flickr. This one was a stretch but hey, I don’t exactly have “e” shaped objects laying around the house. Enjoy!
  2. thelonius


    Airplanes, a photo by theloniusly on Flickr. I know it said daydream window, but if I had to be totally honest, nothing makes me daydream more than looking out an airplane window. It’s beautiful. You get to see things in … Continue reading
  3. thelonius

    Draw it.

    I created this image using photoshop and following a brief tutorial I found online. Credit goes to the legendary Alex Ross for this image. I love his art because he makes things look important. If you’re not familiar with his … Continue reading
  4. thelonius

    TDC: Ode to my bookbag

    Oh bookbag holder of everything close to me the important the garbage the secrets all inside of one metal and cloth container so under appreciated for every well today that will change
  5. thelonius


    So after two random posts, I guess this is the part where I introduce myself. My name is Trone and this here blog is a domain all my own. I’m a Journalism major/Communication Technology minor at York College CUNY in … Continue reading
  6. thelonius

    TDC: Old Guitar

    Old Guitar, a photo by theloniusly on Flickr. TDC 391: A picture of something broken. Literally or figuratively. This guitar goes back several generations in my family. My great grandfather actually made it. Taking it to a shop and fixing it … Continue reading

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