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    Accepting Grace


    A story should do something. Create outrage, understanding, compassion, or grace. This is my sister’s story and how she was able to accept grace and peace.


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    For Taffy


    This week I viewed a video on Story Center called “Taffy.” The author, Shedrick Wicks tells a story of love and companionship. After moving to Denver, Wicks found himself to be lonely and ended up adopting a cat named Taffy. The story is endearing and the viewer can’t help but …

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    An Epigraph from Eavesdropping


    My momma always told me to mind my own business and to never eavesdrop. Today though, I purposefully listened in to random conversations to gain a fun snippet. My mom would NOT be proud! The Daily Create posed an assignment where eavesdropping was the name of the game. I was …

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    Story Board


    There is a strong possibility I am behind on the creation of my digital story, but I have just now settled on a focus. I know, I know, I’ve had weeks to figure this out. I’ve truly been struggling with my chosen theme and had a bit of an epiphany …

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    On the Road from Kald to Hirane


    A grim silence lingered, excess from the cries that preoccupied the air moments earlier. Shattered from an exhausting battle, neither had won, both distressed from defeat. They lay down their arms and lay down their persons. Absorbed slowly by the damp earth, entrenched along the pin straight path that broke …

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    My True Theme and How To “Do” Storytelling


    Every week I’ve been grappling with my theme for this course. I settled on learning photography, which has been a lot of fun, but hasn’t created meaning for me. I tend to be over analytical with connotations. I dissect language, I tear apart novels, and I examine how communication in …

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    Transliteracy- not just web 2.0


    This week, I found an article about transliteracy and the application of digital storytelling. Suzana Sukovic defines transliteracy as, “The ability to read, write and interact across a range of platforms, tools and media from signing and orality through handwriting, print, TV, radio and film, to digital social networks.” The …

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    Create Your Own Superhero!


    So…Marvel has an exciting app where you can create your own superhero. Select your body, hair, eyes, and even your accessories! Check out my superhero Sagitta. She is a scavenger who liberates the people of Loagnes as they struggle to escape the Pelitch troupe that has invaded their sacred lands.…

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    A Road Traveled


    This week we read a chapter from Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community by Joe Lambert. Lambert is the founder of StoryCenter, and organization that I have deeply respected while exploring digital storytelling this semester. StoryCenter highlights the human experience and allows connections to occur between the viewer and …

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    Me and My Spirit Animal


    So..I love the daily create and assignment bank at ds106. Allowing myself time to be creative and to have a space to do so is energizing. This week though, there isn’t a whole lot of creativity that went into my assignment, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  #VisualAssignments1875 asks …

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    Midpoint Gallery Walk


    My Gallery Walk can be viewed here:

    Links to the blogs I reviewed are below:

    Digital Storytelling: What it is, and What it is not: https://boylebou.wordpress.com/2016/10/14/response-to-digital-storytelling-what-it-is-and-what-it-is-not/

    Digital Storytelling for Struggling Writers:


    The use of Digital Storytelling for English Learners:


    8 Steps to Great Digital Storytelling:


    Virtual Reality …

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    Get Going in the Classroom


    If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know that I’ve had a focus on how to incorporate digital storytelling into my school. I know the all too familiar feeling of being overwhelmed by yet another strategy and another approach in my classroom. It can be daunting. However, …

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    Clone Yourself!


    Have you ever had a day where you wish you could be in two, or even three, places at once? There are days when time flies by, and you are rallying against the clock. Now, with your handy-dandy smartphone, you can clone yourself and be everywhere all at once!

    Today …

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    This week I watched another Blank on Blank episode with an interview by Jane Goodall. The story was apropos to what I’ve been feeling lately about literacy and integrating a new approach for future success of my students. Jane describes how she followed her instincts to pursue a life …

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    Social Learning


    My learning this semester has really branched into two areas. On one hand, I have been learning about photography for my own interests to incorporate into my final project. On the other, my headlong dive into this class has taken on a world of its own in my thought process. …

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    A Day in the Life of a Principal



    Most days I am either glued to a computer, analyzing data, or hanging out in classrooms. But sometimes, I get to go on field trips! Now, as a teacher, field trips were by far the most exhausting day. When I was asked to attend a field trip to the …

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    Story Review: Blogging in the Classroom


    As educators strive to incorporate technology in the classroom, many teachers are blogging and are having students interact on their own blogs. As I’ve ruminated previously, giving students a space to record and reflect on their learning can have a huge impact. Elizabeth Guerra questions whether blogging is having …

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    Make it Old!


    Today’s Daily Create encouraged snapping a photo and using this site to make it old! The site is in Japanese, it was fun to use my intuition to figure out how to use it without a translator. #tdc1726

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    Storytelling Improves Student Writing


    Digital storytelling has been at the forefront of my mind every time I talk to my colleagues, yet I feel like I’m still not finding the right words to incite excitement. As educators, we are often bogged down with the race against the school year clock and wading through intense …

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    I am drawn to animated storytelling. This is my third found narrative where animation is paired with an interview. This week I watched a Blank on Blank episode entitled “Joni Michell on Illusions”. Joni describes her desire to represent herself the same way she represented her music. She wanted …

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    Poetry- Audio


    So…I recorded myself reading a poem I wrote about my blog. Not sure how I feel about this, but it was fun either way!


    Pelt (by Ashley Padilla 2016)

    Renegade salt and PEPPER shaker

    Born to wield an untidy union

    Shackled among thieves of ingenuity

    Their escape will result …

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    Remix Your Mindset


    Is the act of creating greater than the creation itself? Music Remix in the Classroom opens the reader up to a culture where music creation, and remixing of another artist’s work, is an expression of appreciation, nostalgia, and a rejection of the status quo of ownership. Remixing music spans genres …

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    An Inspiring Q&A


    Storycenter.org strives to “preserve and share humanity’s stories” through multiple modalities. After reading an article about the importance of teaching children to be aware of a global “us” rather than a foreign “them”, Story Center was the perfect landing spot to discover how moving a digital story can be. There …

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    Tell Your Story, You Global Citizen


    Focusing on citizenship has becoming increasingly important in our schools. Buried beneath test scores, evaluations, and data analysis, students are often missing an opportunity to develop critical characteristics that enable them to become effective global citizens. Truong-White and McLean explore how digital storytelling in the classroom can enhance global citizenship. …

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    Behind the Lens: Analysis of a Digital Story


    My personal theme for this semester is photography. I received a camera as a gift and am excited to learn how to technically take a good photo, and am hopeful that I will develop my skill enough to tell a story with my photographs. With this focus, I am exploring …

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    House Padlun


    I have decided that everyone is a nerd, it just depends on what kind of nerd. Me, I am a Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, sentence diagramming nerd. Yes, sentence diagramming. That is another post for another time. This week, I grabbed a #VisualAssignment from ds106 that requested one make …

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    Flickering Flickr- Glowing Photosharing


    The flickering candle doth glow in my heart, as a tainted darkness devours the hearth….if that quote excited you, this is not the post for you. I will not be discussing that kind of “flicker”, instead we will explore the absent ‘e’ Flickr, the photo sharing giant that dominates a …

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