1. thirstytony

    Photo Essay: “My People”


    For this project, I decided to walk outside, look around and shoot whatever inspires me. The reason why I think that ALL of the pictures below belong under a post titled “My People”, is because they reflect something that is within me. It can be an emotion, a state of …

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    Picture for Photo Essay (maybe?)


    I am considering adding this picture to my final photo essay. I just think the moment that is captured in it (this was in NYC last weekend) is very powerful. You see a street artist posing for an old man who kept taking pictures. Of course, this is done with …

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    These are three photographs of my own creation with wildly different compositions and styles but with similar rhetorical purposes. I tried to show natural and unnatural patterns that occur in different places around us.

  4. thirstytony

    Week In Review


    This week can be described in 3 words. Pictures, photos, images. But I love this section! Taking pictures is a process, in my opinion. You learn from reviewing all the shots you did. You see exactly where you messed up, what you can do better next time. I really enjoy …

  5. thirstytony

    Daily Shoot: Portrait


    Daily Shoot: Portrait
    This is a portrait of my friend Santiago. We were together in New York City this weekend so I decided to use the opportunity to take shots for UMDST!

  6. thirstytony

    Minimalist Poster (Final Project)


    I decided to replicate an iconic moment of this class as part of my final project! Brian imitating Anchorman, trying out the tongue twister and all! I even replicated his glasses using a screen shot of one of his videos and paint!
    Here is the video that shows the moment

  7. thirstytony

    Exploring Contrast and Brightness


    Today I decided to explore contrast and brightness. I used a picture I already like- it’s me on St. Peter’s Square in Rome. I like the positioning of the shot and almost everything about it, except the fact that the bottom half of the picture seems very dark compared to …

  8. thirstytony

    Improving a Character


    This is the creation of my choice. I decided to take an already existing character (this is Roronoa Zoro from One Piece), and improve whatever I don’t like about the character. The character normally has green hair, very ugly green clothes and a dark sword. I decided to play with …

  9. thirstytony

    Response to “Jon” by George Saunders


    CC flickr: Fists With Your Toes

    I was taken by surprise by this short story. I found it pretty interesting and original, except that it was a bit hard for me to understand what is going on in the beginning. I read through an article on the internet about it …

  10. thirstytony

    Zoro attacking Kuma to protect Luffy


    Creating this GIF was not easy at all, but somehow a really enjoyable process. I really felt like continuing my One Piece appreciation , so I decided to make a One Piece animation. This is a character named Roronoa Zoro, who is basically more badass than Chuck Norris. You can …

  11. thirstytony

    Minimalist Nakama!


    I just stumbled upon an amazing minimalist creation on tumblr. In the picture you can see the crew holding their hands up, with the signs they made to let Vivi, the princess of Alabasta know that they are still nakama (which means comrades, or friends in Japanese). I just had …

  12. thirstytony

    Minimalist Mugiwara (straw hat in Japanese)


    This is a minimalist creation that should make any manga fan smile. The mugiwara that was passed down to Luffy!
    I cut the straw hat out from another picture of Luffy, I turned it around and added a black background. All that was left was adding the sideways text in …

  13. thirstytony

    Week In Review


    This was my favorite week of digital storytelling ever. I fell in love with photoshop, which I had never used before and I even learned how to work Gimp- which is after all not as bad as I thought in the beginning. I don’t remember doing this many creative projects …

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    We were supposed to find an example of minimalism on the web. After a very, very long search, I realized that the answer was right in front of me. While I was searching, I was listening to music by my favorite artist- Cro. He is famous for wearing a panda …

  15. thirstytony

    Splash the Color! (a class photo)


    For this design create I used an old photo of my high school class dressed as transvestites ! yes, in Germany, this is part of a fun week called “Mottowoche”, where you pick different mottos for each day of the week and dress up as whatever you collectively choose!
    I …

  16. thirstytony

    Minimalist travel poster? (Design Create)


    At the top you can see my final product. I asked myself where I wanted to be the most right now, and the answer was Madison Avenue, inside Don Draper’s office, telling him to make me an “old fashioned” and screaming at him for not being good enough and telling …

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