1. trubright

    Runescape Below the Elbow


    Many years ago a friend turned me on to the Agathodaimon font, a dingbat typeface with each letter corresponding to a medieval alchemy symbol. I was drawn to the ancient symbols, especially the one corresponding to the letter S.

    I liked it so much that not long after that I …

  2. trubright

    Why I Gave Up on Self-Taught Golf

    Boy Meets Golf

    I’ve been a casual golfer for a long time. It started almost thirty years ago, though the exact date is hard to pin down. I remember buying a set of Ping knock-offs at the local Golf Discount and an Odyssey Rossie II putter that I still use. …

  3. trubright

    A Visit to Harlan Percussion World Headquarters


    It’s been over two years since I posted anything on these pages, but as we’re clawing our collective way out of a pandemic, it’s a good time dust off my blog. This entry is about reconnecting with an old friend who moved back home town to St. Louis after decades …

  4. trubright

    3D Printing New Parts for Ludwig Dresden Timpani


    I’ve owned a pair of Ludwig Dresdens for many years and like them very much. They have some real advantages as gigging drums: suspended, copper kettles, robust bowls, a clutch pedal and a fine tuner, though it’s on the far side of the drum away from the player. Another nice …

  5. trubright

    Hart of the Wud EP Drops on Bandcamp


    I’ve released three tracks of my composition “Hart of the Wud” for four marimbas and percussion ensemble as a free EP on Bandcamp. I decided to up load a partial album since recording and mixing is a long, slow process. Eventually there will be six movements in total.

    The …

  6. trubright

    String (timpani guage) Theory


    My Ludwig Dresden timpani came without tuning gauges, but it hasn’t been a problem. I’ve been using string timpani gauges, or as I like to call them, GravityGauges®, for many years. These are simple tools that let you avoid expensive and often inaccurate mechanical gauges, drilling holes in your drums …

  7. trubright

    A Cheap(ish) Glasses Primer


    I’ve had a lot people ask me about how I buy my glasses online. Here is a step by step tutorial in case you want to join the cheap (at least cheaper) specs revolution.

    1. Get an eye exam wherever you get you eyes examined. I’ve been going to the …

  8. trubright

    Another Drum Stick Portrait


    In the painting area of the basement lies my latest drum stick portrait. It’s called “?uestlove” because these are the Vic Firth ?uestlove sticks, as seen being used by their designer, ?uestlove with the Roots on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” They’re very paintegenic. Also, they’re nice sticks.…

  9. trubright

    The Latest Drum Stick Portrait


    The latest drum stick portrait depicts my beloved Pro-Mark Cool Rods. They’re like Hot Rods after a diet. I use them on my hybrid drum kit, often holding one in my left hand while playing cajon with my right. They have a lighter attack than a traditional stick which works …

  10. trubright

    New Clubs in the Bag


    After almost twenty years of golf hacking, I recently bought my first new set of irons. I have owned a couple of used sets, including some Ping ISI’s that I never really warmed up to. The lie angles were too upright and the shafts were too stiff; they just didn’t …

  11. trubright

    iPhone 4s. Monthly bill: $0.


    I’ve been a FreedomPop fan for a while. I have a wireless hotspot ($3.99 per month) an HTC EVO android phone ($85 for the phone and $0 monthly fees) and as of this week, the holy grail: I got my used iPhone 4s on their new BYOD plan ($20 activation …

  12. trubright

    Counterfeiting a Vintage Seafoam Bathroom Tile.


    After much procrastination I finally got around to installing a new vanity top in my 1953 bathroom. While pulling out the old top the worst happened: I broke a sea foam tile. I assumed I would be able to replace the tile fairly easily since seafoam was a common color …

  13. trubright

    My (almost) Free Smart Phone has Arrived


    I’ve been waiting several months for my Freedom Phone and after a lengthy period of back order limbo it finally arrived. It’s a reconditioned HTC Evo 4g Android phone that I bought for $84. “Hold on!” I hear you blurt, “I thought you said it was free.” True enough–the phone …

  14. trubright

    The Basement is Back!


    It took six months but the basement studio is back to normal! Walls, molding and old furring strips were removed, carpet was cut out, three electrical outlets were replaced and ominous cracks in the wall were sealed. Then the process was reversed (the hard part) with four feet of vinyl …

  15. trubright

    Bach Cello Suite I Prelude for Marimba


    I have a couple of students who have played this famous cello piece and one of them asked if I had it in treble clef, as opposed to the original which is in bass clef. I thought it would be an easy thing to find but it turns out it …

  16. trubright

    Cold Noodles V.3 – American Style


    Peanut Noodles

    What if you want some cold noodles but you’re fresh out of exotic ingredients like sesame paste? Try these peanut noodles. No sesame seeds were harmed in the making of this dish and you won’t have to set foot in your local Asian market. (Since I love my …

  17. trubright

    The Basement is Under the Knife


    I’m doing some emergency water abatement in the studio. The drought of 2012 opened up a crack and the flood of 2013 entered into it, saturating both drywall and carpet, so I’ve cut the affected area out. I’ll be replacing part of the floor with vinyl tile and patching up …

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