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    For future reference…


    This is my advice to any future students of DS106!

     Do NOT procrastinate!!! EVER! You will regret it if you do. Try and complete the daily creates right when you get a new weeks worth of assignments. It’s more stressful putting them off last minute. Don’t be afraid to ask…
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    This is Sally.


    Howdy everyone! My name is Sally “Shot” Winderson and I am going to tell you the story about how I became a Gal of the East through the reasons why I love this place. Well if you ever read my tiny little background at the very beginning of this semester …

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    Sally: The Gal of the East


    Throughout this entire semester my character Sally has told you her stories of the West as well as of the East. For this final project I will be telling her story of why she is now officially a Gal of the East. She loves the West and will always have …

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    Supernatural Sewing


    So for this week the required assignment was to find a web page and make it our own. Or the Storytelling Within the Web assignment. First I had to download the X Ray Goggles which was simple since I use Firefox on the regular. I then went and searched for …

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    Hire Sally!


    For this assignment Sally is applying to a job in Fredericksburg, VA. She’s actually applying to be a bartender at Capital Ale! Her resume is a little rough around the edges but she’s surprisingly super smart and active! Here’s to hoping she gets the job. All I did was use …

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    Help Me


    For this assignment I decided to create my own search engine. I used the X-Ray Goggles and remade the Google page. It was pretty complicated because I could not for the life of me figure out how to change the Google logo, so now it’s a dingy little button. …

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    Find out who you are!


    To start off this weeks worth of web assignments I made a BuzzFeed Quiz. I just had to join the community and make the quiz. It took a lot longer than I thought it would since I had to download all the images from Google. Also coming up with …

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    How to make a shoe!


    For my last assignment of this week I am going to provide you with a tutorial from an assignment I did awhile back. It’s a desgin assignment on making your own custom shoe. The assignment is not too challenging but I know it’s always nice to see before hand what …

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    For this last mashup assignment I was to take a picture of something/someone in the moment that was similar to an emoji. I was then required to put them side by side for comparison. Well it just so happened that I walked in on my roommate being extremely studios. Like …

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    For this mashup assignment I was to combine three of my favorite holidays into one image. I took clip art images and used paint to combine all of them. I chose St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I chose these three because my family and I always do something on …

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    Jack? Jason?


    For this assignment I decided to combine two scenes together from two movies I enjoy. It’s not as subtle as I’d like but I still think it’s quite funny. This wasn’t that hard to do however, I did have to YouTube a tutorial on how to combine two images. I …

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    My future husband of busband…


    For this assignment I did one more remix to complete the two remix assignments required. I decided to write a short letter to my future husband – Dr.Seuss style. I type this all up in a word document and then posted it below. Enjoy!

    Dear future husband,

    My name is …

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    Nostalgia with a Western twist…


    For this assignment I decided to do a remix and it ended up me adding a western theme to the original. The assignment was pretty basic, it just wanted something nostalgic from your past and to create something for it. When I was younger I used to play with these …

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    We’re live people!


    This entire week has been a blur of learning how to shoot, edit and publish a video but it has been accomplished!!!! I shot my portion on Tuesday and then attempted to edit it in Windows Movie Maker but I couldn’t accomplish what I had in mind. Fast forward to …

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    The wait is over… sort of…


    As told in my last post, I said I was going to bless you all with a little trailer of what our vlogs next week will consist of – well here it is! I simply filmed myself with my camera, went to audacity and made a voice over. I thought …

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    Anotha one! (plan)


    This week a few of the girls from the radio show group and I decided to work on this video assignment we were provided. It was a little rocky at first just because everyone’s schedules’ were so hectic but in the end everyone is now on board and on the …

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    Bye- Bye Brittle Bros.


    For this week we were assigned to do a video essay. What that is in short is watching a movie, picking scenes (or in this case picking A scene) and talking about the cinematography of said scene. We were given movie options and to my delight Django Unchained happened to …

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    I listened.


    On Tuesday, 3/15, I listened in on two radio shows. The You Might Be A Cowboy If… and WWW News Show aired that night. The first one that played was the WWW New Show which was PHENOMENAL. The hard work was apparent in this group and it sounded like a …

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    Weekly Summary 3/11 – 3/18


    This week was the week of the radio show broadcast. Our show airs tonight (Thursday, 3/17) but I did listen in on Tuesday’s show and it was great! The World Wide Western news was amazing. It sounded very professional and exactly like a real news show. The second show sounded …

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    Time Traveling Train


    For this assignment, Lindsey M‘s character Danny and my own Sally  “emailed” each other a little sequel to the radio show they participated in. It consists of a time traveling train and what’s going on back in Tombstone, Arizona. Read below to see what happening now in that …

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    One of the Gals is MISSING


    Help me, Sally, find my good pal Tallie who has gone missing! She was last seen at her ranch wearing her ranch working outfit (jeans, boots and a button up) on Sunday around high noon. If anyone has any information please tell the Sheriff or me, Sally, at Tumbleweed Saloon …

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    Summertime is finally here!


    Just kidding! But there is a new ad up for a new camp out in Tombstone, Arizona! That’s right! Two of the Gals of the West have teamed up to put on a summer camp filled with blasting bullets and having a great time. Sally (aka Shot) and Angus both …

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