1. xanderable

    Creative Project


    As the world is becoming more digital, it makes certain things much easier to do such as communicating, sending mail and the presence of an online community where people can share their same interest or ideas. These days, more and more people have digital devices such as computer tablets, laptops, …

  2. xanderable

    Final Project Outline


    For my final project, I decided to research on the light side of the digital age and how great things can come from the digital era. I’m still deciding whether to use the tool Pixton or not. It depends on how I could demonstrate the benefits of the digital age …

  3. xanderable

    Daily Create: Facebook becoming Bigger


    I found an article on the New York Times talking about how Facebook was buying WhatsApp for 16 billion dollars. In my opinion I’m not surprised that Facebook would do a thing like that because they are trying to take over the social media platform. Facebook has become one of …

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