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  1. Downes

    Tuna Time

    January 31, 2024. Lunch time at the home office. These two know what that means: it's time for a tuna treat. That's Julia on the left, more reserved and skittish, and Emma on the right, eager, energetic, and ready to pounce. Most of my focus was on my...
  2. Downes

    Emma and Charlemagne

    May 27, 2020. I had big plans for today but instead spent the day writing a blog post. Time well spent, though. It was too hot outside to cycle, so I stayed in and comforted out cats - pictured here are Emma (top) and Charlemagne (bottom). https://flic...
  3. Downes

    The Kitties Have Landed

    February 13, 2020. Please meet our clowder of kitties, born exactly two months ago, and new to our home today. This is Julia (left), Charlemagne (middle) and Emma (right). Julia and Charlemagne are polydactyl.

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