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  1. ayu7kaji

    I’d forgotten.

    I had forgotten that I couldn’t live without music. Without the beats filling the walls, my ears as I slept, as I woke. I forgot that I loved lyrics. That I felt each word like a shot to my heart. I forgot that I thought in poetry. That I used to think. No longer. I […]
  2. ayu7kaji


    What is that one moment that you carry with you forever? That one moment which is always your go-to instant when everything was gilded in gold and time seemed still. For me there were thousands. Thousands of memories where my belly fluttered and my head swam. Maybe from excitement, maybe from awe. I have gaped […]
  3. ayu7kaji

    Is it ever gonna be enough?

    Hello! I was doing research for myself, making a note of things I would ideally want to buy if I had a 100,000 bucks… A hundred thousand sounds too much when you have to spend on a phone or a laptop, but sounds too little when you have a bigger student loan to pay off!!! … More Is it ever gonna be enough?
  4. ayu7kaji

    Insurance for my Phone?

    You know those times when you eat your own words? Yeah, I had those last week. My colleague was looking out to buy a new phone and he kept saying he wanted an iPhone. An iPhone in India, means you’re rich. It means you spent nearly 1,00,000 Indian Rupees for a phone. Who pays a … More Insurance for my Phone?

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