1. mfieldswriter

    Editing Pains


    You know, I’ve always thought of myself as a fairly good editor, both of my own work and others. In high school, friends would bring me their papers to read through and give them pointers. In college, I was a tutor for student-athletes at the University of Oregon, and did …

  2. sandramardene

    Daily Create was “Even Cowgirls Get the Memes”…


    Daily Create was “Even Cowgirls Get the Memes” during these ten weeks at the beginning of 2016 when we are having fun with #western106. This wasn’t difficult–do a Google image search for “cowgirl humor” (and realize how sexist it is!), choose this cute image, move it into Bazaart for text.…

  3. mfieldswriter

    Is it just a question of style?


    You know, I started really noticing writing and all its variences as a sophomore in high school in Mr. Dills’ English class. He presented all sorts of rules on grammar and writing (I think I learned to use the em dash in his class) as well as organization of your …

  4. sandramardene

    Moon Roses


      This is the first sketch I did for the Color Your World colored pencil online art class from Toucan Create! It reminded me of the poem, “Moon Roses” by my husband Peter Jensen. The marriage of the two speaks to the soul of the Mysterious Night Vision Field Journal. Moon …

  5. sandramardene

    A Fistful of Sunsets


    A Fistful of Sunsets :

    Daily Create #tdc1456 was all about capturing sunsets, which I’ve done plenty of–I just ain’t gonna do it today cuz it’s too friggin’ COLD outside, and too sharp and clear for a sunset probably.

    Instead, I used the fun Replay app to make a musical …

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    Hi Happy Campers,
    So sorry I had to bail last week; I kept thinking I would make it to class, but more or less at the last minute, my husband convinced me I was a public viral menace and should stay home. But I missed you!

    Here is a playlist …

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