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  1. Gabby


    Here I did a reflection after reading and re-editing and adding to my already existing posts. This was my final blog-post for my class, and it was a close one! I really enjoyed the class and my recording is a … Continue reading
  2. Gabby

    The Future

    This blog-post is a response to “The Visible College: Four Futures” The video can be found Here I think that this lecture is spoken on the same gust of wind as Gardener Campbell’s article. In many ways both men are hopeful … Continue reading
  3. Gabby


    “New modes of comunication change what can be imagined and expressed…Enviroments are not passive wrappings but active processes” This quote was a significantly powerful statement for me. It shows that people are the limit to ourselves, if it can be … Continue reading
  4. Gabby

    Behind the Scene

    Sitting and listening to a presentation, while asking witty and argumentative questions comes like breathing for me, but giving a presentation was quite another story. While in theory the presentation was quite simple, the matters of the mind often get in … Continue reading
  5. Gabby

    Tarantino Story

    Ill-Timed Travel Tracy had never wondered what her friend was like in youth, she was exactly the same just in a different time and place.  The sharp pungent scent of chlorine and echoed laughter of children set the stage. Normally … Continue reading
  6. Gabby


    My thoughts on a Cyber Bullys~ When thinking about a Cyber Bully I imagine someone who is just nasty to others on a chat. Cyber-staking and sexual predators on the internet is really what I think we should be watching … Continue reading
  7. Gabby

    Hale Art

    Ok so mid-mogolian artist awe, I found this guy David Hale┬áSo I found three of his images to put in as banners too, I will put the full images here as well. You can read his BIO on that ^ … Continue reading
  8. Gabby


    Our class was assigned the project of making a presentation on Prezi<check the link to see our project! I was one of the few people who prefereed Prezi to Powerpoint. I think it is because I have little to no … Continue reading
  9. Gabby

    State of the Net

      As we are learning and listening to more about the publicatinos on the internet, the more I am realizing what a big mess it is. Twitter is dominated by idots with feelings to express but nothing of value to … Continue reading
  10. Gabby

    Three Word, Sunday

    So for this weeks DS106 assignment I shall write a piece of prose biased on the Three Word Wednesday I went to this Website┬áand got the words that I will use: Angelic┬áadjective: Of or relating to angels. Foster;┬áverb: Encourage or … Continue reading
  11. Gabby

    Hand of Friendship

    Here is my lovely roommate Bambi, drawing on my temporary tattoo of a taxi, for my other project. I snapped a picture of her hand drawing the taxi for the Daily Create. She is a relatively new friend, only since … Continue reading
  12. Gabby

    Temporary Tat

    So some of you may know, but I was run over by a Taxi cab last Thursday. Resulting in my absence from class, among other paramedic filled adventures. I was looking over the Daily Creates and I saw some scars … Continue reading
  13. Gabby

    Social Gaming~

    So to start off, I had no clue what Social Gaming was. Actually this was very important because as I looked at our infografic┬áthings were not getting clearer. The stats were clear and colorful, but I am highly skeptical about … Continue reading
  14. Gabby

    Water Road.

    So I was going to skip this one, but after seeing some of the incredible projects from our class I decided to give it a try.┬áThis photo was taken last spring, in the hopes of spurring on this spring. This … Continue reading
  15. Gabby

    Triple Troll

    This is my DS016┬átriple Troll   Story and Process: This is a picture from┬áSan Fransisco┬áand it worked great for my project because this man is stuck in a chaotic wire-infested room with no reason or rhyme that I can see. … Continue reading
  16. Gabby

    Something LOUD!

    My favorite loud person, for the Daily Create: She is a four year old with a sassy side~ She may not be loud in volume but her ideas are loud. That is why she is my daily create! This photo … Continue reading
  17. Gabby

    Daily Create

    Here is my first Daily create.┬áI took a picture of my feet! Actually this is a picture from a year ago exactly! But I still have the same slippers Photo taken by my old roommate in Kuramae Oak-share house. Setsubun, … Continue reading
  18. Gabby

    Frap on Acid

    ┬áLook Look, my first image manipulation! As you can see Starbucks coffee (some frozen blended number) with some wild but not totally unbelievable colors. I used photoshop for the first time in about, oh six years, and it is not … Continue reading
  19. Gabby

    WANTED:1965 220SE Cabriolet

    Dust, leaves, cracked leather, slow time down. The aggressive ripping of a seasoned stight-six. The stuttering of the motor echoing your own heartbeat. A healthily smooth sound, ready to go. This car makes me sad. I remember the white flowers, … Continue reading

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