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Some Ideas to Throw in the Mix

80s Pandemics

Since the crisis of the COVID-19, an idea is to possibly put together clips of history especially what pandemics hit in the 1980s. Before I added this new post, I went to the site and found this: The 80s had a second measles outbreak and the HIV and AIDS hit.

Commercials could be added to the effect of what to do, what the symptoms are, etc.

1980’s Haps

Another idea could be to put together clips of what has happening in the 1980s. Some key events: inflation of currency, fashion styles, latest products, MTV was launched (how this changed the music industry), CDs are launched, NBA’s Rookie of the Year (how he changed the NBA industry), Space Shuttle Challenger event (this could be a good one), Berlin Wall comes down, eye contacts are released, etc. See link here:

As for commercials, this could be a mix of fashion, products, and such.

80s Unsolved Mysteries

Clips of 80s unsolved crimes could be collaborated. There are many to pick from every U.S. state, I am more than positive there are at least news clips about events such as: Sherry Lynn Marler’s disappearance or the Lizzie Borden case, is the house considered haunted now and how this affected the town in Massachusetts. The site to view:

Commercials could be about how to call a tip line or hotline.


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