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    Final Project – Week 3 update


    For my third week of my final project, I have decided to focus on the events of Season 3 of The Wire. In season 3, things are going pretty well for Pryzblewski, until he shoots and kills plain-clothed cop.

    In my narrative of these events, Prez comes under fire in …

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    Week 13 and 14 Summary


    I’m really enjoying Prez’s storyline on The Wire right now (which I am paying closer attention to because of my final project). I am really interested in the school kids and how they are connected to the game. The class for kids with behavioral problems is really sad but realistic, …

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    My Day


    Today’s Daily Create – My day in icons (I decided to use emojis instead)
    This is me getting up for work, taking the train into DC, getting to my office, researching space history, drinking coffee, going home, doing homework, and then the day is over…

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    Weeks 11 and 12 Summary


    The Wire got super intense these two weeks. I honestly thought that the season 3 finale set the series up to be over (even though I knew it wasn’t because I was already assigned to work on the next season). If the show had ended there though, it would have …

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    Final Project Week 1 Update


    So for my ds106 final project (sniff, sniff) I am using Roland “Prez” Pryzbylewski, everyone’s favorite cop killer from The Wire. But seriously, I do have a weird soft spot for this character. He does awful stuff in seasons 1 and 3, but still seems to be a good guy …

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    Video Swede


    Here is the video swede (worth 5 stars) that I worked on with Meredith, David, Demi, and Carmela. We decided to work with season 3 episode 11 and we were originally going to all act it out ourselves, but then we decided to use teddy bears from the Dollar Tree. …

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    My Flag


    Today’s Daily Create – My Flag

    I took inspiration from my favorite flag (the Welsh flag), and my lifelong love of fiction with dragons. Also, purple is just my favorite color. I got the dragon here.…

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    The Wire Video Essay


    For my video essay, I decided to look at The Wire as a primary source. I am Dr. McClurken’s U.S. History in Film class, and one of the things we do is look at the movies we watch as primary sources. We discuss what a movie can tell us …

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    What the Bleep?


    Original Scene from The Wire

    I found the That Bleeping Censor Assignment, and I really wanted to do it. I of course immediately thought of the scene from season 1 of The Wire, where McNulty and Bunk are investigating an old crime scene, and the only phrases they say the …

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    Look, Listen, Analyze


    I decided to do the Look, Listen, Analyze assignment on a scene from The Wire season 3, episode 9, when Prez shoots another cop. I thought it was a great scene because it is really intense, but doesn’t actually show him shooting the cop, so as a viewer you are …

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    Backwards Shootout


    For my third assignment of the week, I decided to do the Play it Backwards assignment, worth 2 stars. I decided to do a scene from The Wire, and I wanted to take a sad scene and make it happy. I used the shootout scene from season 2 episode 9, …

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    Fire Can Not Kill A Chipmunk


    For my second video assignment, I decided to do the Chipmunk Style assignment [worth 2.5 stars] because it just seemed like so much fun. I decided to use the most serious show I could think of, which was of course Game of Thrones. I really love to cringe through this …

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    Week 9 Summary


    In The Wire this week, I am really enjoying the relocation of the drug dealers. I think the way they are going about it, by forcing the midlevel people to order the move, it really smart. I am way more interested in this way of dealing with drug dealers than …

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    Rocket Emoji


    Today’s Daily Create – Emoji Come Alive!

    My geeky NASA family has this lovely lego space shuttle set

    iPhone Rocket Emoji…
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    Radio Show Live Stream


    Yesterday, I participated in the live streaming of the TDSN Radio Show. I thought live streaming it and tweeting it was a really cool idea for a way to engage more of the class together. Instead of picking a show and listening to it on my own, I got …

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    Inspire – Classical Rap


    The second assignment that I added to the inspire page was Carmela’s Classical Rap mashup. I really loved this mashup because I thought the combination of Mozart and 99 problems was hilarious and somehow worked. Before hearing this, I never would have thought that these two songs could go together …

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    Inspire – Sketch a Screenshot


    The first post that I remembered being inspired by was Lauren’s Sketch a Screenshot assignment.

    I really like this post because the sketch was so well done. If I had done this I would automatically done the sketch by hand because that’s what I think of a sketch. Lauren did …

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