1. Andrew Whitfield

    DS106 Wrapup


    For our final exam we were supposed to make a video on our final thoughts about DS106, so here’s mine. DS106 has definitely been my most favorite class that I’ve taken so far at Mary Washington. I enjoyed getting to learn how to use all of these different media devices …

  2. Andrew Whitfield

    Video Assignments


    For my video assignments I decided to do the movie trailer mashup and the digital story compilation. For the movie trailer mashup I took the trailer from Inception and the audio from the trailer for who framed roger rabbit. I followed the Andy Rush video on video editing for most …

  3. Andrew Whitfield

    Web Stories



    For my webstory I decided to make a page on Amazon for a private island. I used firebug on firefox just like Martha had told us. It was all pretty easy once I figured out how to use everything. For the picture I took it off of Flickr and …

  4. Andrew Whitfield

    Spanish Joke 2.0


    After some good quality comments about my Spanish Joke audio assignment I decided to get back in the lab to spice it up a little bit. I kept the same basic track that I had before but added a little laugh track at the end that I got off of …

  5. Andrew Whitfield

    Other Audio Assignments


    For my last two audio assignments I decided to do “Autotune Something” and “Make ‘em Laugh”. For my “Autotune Something” I decided to try and autotune a segment of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have A Dream Speech”. I hope this isn’t frowned upon by most people since this …

  6. Andrew Whitfield

    Sound Effects Story


    Here’s my sound effects story. All of the sounds that I used I got off of freesound.org. I made it by setting up all of the sounds in garage band and then just either lengthening them or shortening them depending on how long or how much of the actual sound …

  7. Andrew Whitfield

    Last Two Design Assignments


    For these last two design assignments I decided to do the “Iconic You” assignment and “The Big Hip Hop Assignment”. For the “Iconic You” assignment I made my icon an image of what you would use when making the template for a surfboard. Surfing is a big part of my …

  8. Andrew Whitfield

    Warning Sign


    For my warning sign assignment I wanted to do a warning sign for Gizmo from the movie Gremlins. I got a warning sign jpg off of google and put it in MS Paint, then I found an outline of Gizmos face and made all of the colors black and yellow …

  9. Andrew Whitfield

    DailyShoot 591


    Here’s my DailyShoot for yesterday, sorry that it’s late everyone. After some helpful constructive feedback from my classmates, I decided that I should probably try to have more fun with these pictures, and try to be more creative. When I was on a bike ride with my friends last night …

  10. Andrew Whitfield

    Everybody Limbo!!


    For my design assignment I decided to do the minimalist movie travel poster. My first choice was to do Shawshank Prison from the Shawshank Redemption, but I couldn’t find a very good picture of the prison to try and edit. So instead I decided to do limbo from inception. I …

  11. Andrew Whitfield

    DailyShoot 590


    For this daily shoot we were supposed to take a picture of a subject that was predominantly white. So I decided to take a picture of a stuffed snow owl. I think it looks cool and it fits the description of the assignment!

  12. Andrew Whitfield

    DailyShoot 589


    “Make a photograph with around the number three today. Three objects. Three colors. The number three.”

    When I read today’s daily shoot I was at the beach, and when I was looking of things to take the picture of I remembered that my surfboard is a thruster and therefore has …

  13. Andrew Whitfield

    Daily Shoot 588 and Visual Assignment 4!


    On this dailyshoot we were supposed to take a monochromatic picture of something. So I used the greyscale effect on my phone and took a picture of a sombraro and some other stuff that my friend had on his wall because I thought it looked cool. Sorry that my past …

  14. Andrew Whitfield

    DailyShoot 587 and Visual Assignment 3!


    For my daily shoot assignment on something that shows attraction I decided to focus on the idea of magnetic attraction. I thought lots of people would do something dealing with attraction based on other people or something like that (not that there is anything wrong with that), so I decided …

  15. Andrew Whitfield

    Daily Shoot 586 and Visual Assignment!!


    For the visual assignment for making a missing poster for dr.oblivion, I thought it would be cool to try and make an old school milk carton wanted add for this assignment. I wanted to make it look pretty realistic, but ran into some trouble with the photo editing software on …

  16. Andrew Whitfield

    Visual Assignment #1


    Here’s my first visual assignment. I wanted to do the album cover because I thought it would be neat to see what you could get when you combine three random things together. The random wikipedia article gods decided that my band name should be synochoneura, and all though I don’t …

  17. Andrew Whitfield

    Daily Shoot 585


    Although seeing a peacock might not be a ordinary scene to most people, when you work at a zoo some different things start to fit the description of ordinary.…

  18. Andrew Whitfield

    Installing Plugins And Other Things


    What I saw from installing all these plugins and other things like themes is that it’s actually pretty easy. All you really need is to know what you want, or even an idea of what you want and there is probably already a plugin made for that specific need. All …

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