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    Superstory Generator


    Tech (Joseph McDowell) is an everyday GIS analyst in Atlanta whose sense of virtue is constantly tested by his nearly unlimited power. That power comes from an alien artifact that has fused into every cell in his body and is undetectable by normal ways. It was created by the Elhanion, …

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    Superhero narrative


    Joseph McDowell is beginning his adult life in the Atlanta area as a GIS analyst. His upbringing has been one of virtue and kindness; he is also introverted and reclusive. On the downside his humility and inability to be heard made him a bit of a pushover and one to …

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    What is a superhero?


    Well to answer the question lets look at half the question.

    What is a hero?

    A hero is someone who overcomes obstacles. When faced with a significant challenge that would normally crush or scare off just about everyone else, the heroes are the few who face the challenge and overcome …

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    Weekly Summary 2


    This week was a real head scratcher for me. But after several dead ends and brain farts I found assignments I believed I can do and they came out nicely.

    All of the assignments I did were visual assignments for from the visual category which is no surprise. I’m a …

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    The family arms


    My name is Eric Dorman but on my Dad’s side I have an ancestor named Gilbert Russell Payson. GRP was a wealthy man and, in his lifetime, he bought three islands. No these aren’t islands in the tropics, with white sand, palm trees, and warm wind. These are in Cape …

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    Weekly Summary: 1


    I thought I knew what I was getting into when I signed up but it seems I was quite wrong. I learned about setting a website and the complex task of being an administrator. I was introduced to several new media sites like SoundCloud and Flickr. It was hard to …

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