1. @eleanorjo

    My definition of social media


    My personal definition of social media is anything thing that some one has created and shared online. This has a very wide range of possibilities, however social media really is everywhere and used every second of every day. Whether you are sharing your photography on Instagram or writing your opinions …

  2. @eleanorjo

    My ‘diamante’ poem


    I chose to write my diamanté poem about coffee as it is a passion of mine and I’m drinking it whilst writing. A first it found it very easy however towards the second half it got slightly more difficult and I even had to google what a synonym was …

  3. @eleanorjo



    I found this daily create and it instantly jumped out at me for two reasons. I used to love the PowerPuff girls when I was younger, so much so that went to a fancy dress party as the green one when I was five. And also I actually completed …

  4. @eleanorjo

    My first daily create


    I really like the fact that we can blog about something very random and still connect with people involved in the daily creates. For my first daily create I used the random function on the site and came around this challenge. I love drawing, however I’m not the best at …

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