1. ewindley

    Radio Show Update


    Last week went great our group formed, met, created a googledocs, shared ideas, agreed on a show format and assigned roles.  All was good with the world of DS106 team assignment.

    We started out strong and then ran into a speed bump.  Everyone recorded their individual show content, shared …

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    911 Emergency Call


    Well I am not as happy with this assignment project.  I did create it in a format consistent with the radio show we will air next week, but I am happy it is not actually a piece intended to be used for the show.  This week was all about audio …

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    Spooky Dialogue


    This week we were to create audio assignments that might work well with our radio show due to air next week.  For one of my projects I chose this one entitled Spooky Dialogue and created a Spooky Commercial to air on the radio show.  The Commercial is coming from my …

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    Good Morning Message for the Village


    This week we were tasks with creating audio projects that might be useful for the radio show we will submit next week.  I picked this one from the Audio Assignment Bank entitled Good Morning Message for the Village and used it to make a morning weather announced to the listeners …

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    Radio Show Progress Report


    This week I joined a team for the radio show project.  Our team has come together nicely.  Scott created a googledocs for notes and the entire project took shape quickly with everyone making valuable contributions.  Felicia added the instructions for the project which detailed what should be included.  Ellen added …

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    Radio Show Promotional Poster


    This week we were asked to create a design project that would be a promotional product for the group radio show we are assigned to produce.  I made a poster which I found under the design assignments for creating a “Wanted” poster.  The assignment provided a link to  Mobilefish.com where …

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    Week 6 Summary


    Where to begin.  I am no design expert and I am running out of time so I am just going to lay it out for you quickly . . . here you go:

    Design Blitz was fun and easy to do . . . I always appreciate that!

    The Perfect

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    Design Blitz




    Xtreme Color

    . . . Color is a huge part of advertisement branding.  Some well-known brands can remove the words from their ads and the design colors can still be associated with that brand.  This Xtreme sports ad on the side of a white van looks odd.  The …

  9. ewindley

    A Perfect Love Story


    Once upon a time there was a beautiful young girl who lived on a hill with her mother and father. She had beautiful blue eyes and pure white hair and skin. Her father was known and admired across the land and when she was little she loved being a daddy’s …

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    Professor Groom Poster


    As my last design project this week I have made a Movie Poster of Professor Groom!  I am proud of how this one turned out . . . It seemed so simple.  I don’t use anything fancy like photoshop; this was done using Microsoft paint.  I am getting pretty good …

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    One good GIF deserves another!


    Okay so some of you are probably marking down the days until Halloween; but I used my design time to get a jump on Christmas!  Since I was able to make a stickman post-it note GIF without too much trouble I found another GIF assignment to do.  I made the …

  12. ewindley

    Black Sabbath Trilogy


    This week we were asked to watch some films and comment on the use of design.  I have Netflix at home which I pay for and barely use, so I decided to put it to good use this week and view the Black Sabbath trilogy.  Actually I found watching these …

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    I made an animated GIF for you!


    How I did it:

    I wasn’t crazy about the design week since I am pre-internet era.  However, I was able to combine the two for this old school/new age GIF.  I drew a stickman flip book on post it notes (totally old school).  Poor little stickman learns about gravity.  Then …

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    Professional Ethics


    Every profession has a set of ethical standards, or cannons, which it strives to follow in order to be a worthy endeavor.  Even the profession of creative design, where the ideal of design is to think outside of the box of ordinary thinking or standard expectations.  In the Vignelli Cannon

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    Summary for Week 5


    Things started out as usual . . . then they got a little hairy.  Like bigfoot jumped out of the woods and leaped on top of me pinning me down so that I could not move anymore.  Okay, a little dramatic, but so has this week been.

    I began with …

  16. ewindley

    Radio Show Ideas


    I am not very artistic but I think it would be fun to do an old fashioned talk radio storytelling.  Something with creaking doors, slamming doors, blood curdling screams, gun shots.  It could be introduced and closed by a host character.  Something like The Twilight Zone in a radio story.  …

  17. ewindley

    Audio Storytelling


    Say What

    What would a horror story be without a creaking door, blood curdling scream, or sound of a gun shot blasting?  The audio can aid in storytelling in ways that even visual effects cannot.  The history of storytelling over of the radio and even the current interest in books …

  18. ewindley

    Summary Week 4


    This week was very fast and furious for me.  I was dealing with the loss of a family member who is near and dear to my heart.  However, I did manage to get all the work done.  Not sure I can articulate what I did very well but here’s what …

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    Love in three frames


    This week was all about photography.  This assignment asked me to tell a love story using three pictures.  So here you go:

    Holding your hand, I feel happy!


    Holding your hand, I feel happy and excited! Still holding your hand, I feel happy, excited, and loved!

    I went with …

  20. ewindley

    My Animal Planet


    There is nothing like being down on the farm.  But this is what can happen when the jack rabbits get into the pig pen!

    I am beginning to be able to navigate Microsoft paint well enough to accomplish these assignments with not too much difficulty.  For this one I cropped …

  21. ewindley

    Foods from A – Z


    This assignment was a joy ~ I love food!  I was able to find all the food images on Google Images.  Finding something that was a fairly common food item for each letter is trickier than you think.  I used upside down cake for U, quiche for Q, and …

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    Cinematography Reflection


    I watched the Bride of Frankenstein from 1939 for the purpose of reviewing the cinematography.  Specifically how the film inspired emotion through the use of contrast, lighting, and foreground/background to make their point.  Because this film is black and white there was much use of contracting dark black and stark …

  23. ewindley

    Faceless Family Photos


    I am not a photographer.  I do not, nor have I ever, owned a camera.  There happens to be a camera on my phone but I usually do not open it and if I do it is generally so that I can hand it to someone else for taking a …

  24. ewindley

    My paranormal encounter


    While camping at a remote campground I wondered off through the woods along a path to the bathhouse.  It seemed like my husband and I had the entire campground to ourselves; which was great while we were enjoying the warm sunny day by the lake.  As I approached the isolated …

  25. ewindley



    The photoblitz assignment asked me to take seven photo’s in 20 minutes.  I started at

    9:40 pm  and finished at

    10:00 pm this evening.

    The list for my blitzing included:

    Take a photo of an object that represents how old you feel. Feeling old-tired feet! An instrument that measures something…
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    Week Three Summary!


    This week I am beginning to feel more comfortable with the work and how to navigate the systems required for the assignments.  This week is entitled “Writing and Raving”; I find the writing to be a little easier than the creating.

    This week I read some horror, watched a horror …

  27. ewindley

    By sea, sun, and sand


    Outer Banks, NC

    When I retire and can pick anywhere to live out my golden years, I would chose a place like the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  This area offers a sense of remote solitude and some of the most beautiful waterfront properties available anywhere.  Enjoying the sun, relaxing …

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