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    I hate my voice too.


    As can be inferred from the title the major issue which I had with the radio project was the fact that I think my voice (and to a lesser extent that of my brother) sound awful when I actually have to listen to them as a recording. So, I thought …

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    02: “der Fuchs und der Leopard”


    Here is my embellished High German version of the story. No more mere translations after this. How about that DIN 1451                and Gebrochene Textur?

    “Für meine Meinung ist viel scharfer als Ihr unbedeutendes Fell.”…

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    My Paranoia is Justified


    I do not want to be a tattle – tale or to gloat in self – righteousness but my paranoia over posting material in an open blog on the internet has just become justified.  Someone (I will not say who) used the term “much belated” to describe one of their …

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    Multimedia Collection II


    So, I think that I will be using “The Fox and the Leopard” for my story collection. I think that it certainly has the potential to be quite the flexible story. For now the rough goal will be to express the narrative in a minimum of twenty-five different ways.…

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    Multimedia Collection


    My idea for the final project would be to find a very simple, sterile and vague story and tell it in as many different media forms as possible. Initially I thought of doing something very generic, like the supposedly universal hero myth. I then thought that is probably too vague …

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    Much, much, much Belated


    For my discipline reading I chose “Storytelling in Economics”. I found that the reading was not about storytelling in economics per se but rather about the storytelling process. Economic stories were used as a backdrop because they represent stories which grow out of supposed “facts” and “numbers”. One point which …

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    Much Belated Part One


    I was not particularly roused by Alan Levine’s article on web 2.0. I find that while it is now incredibly easy to post information and use powerful new tools that much of that information is of poor quality and that the tools rarely produce quality. Some are saying that this …

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    Second Design Assignment


    The four images depict the Saturn V launch site at Cape Canaveral, the cryo stir switch, the modified air filter for the service module and the re-entry of the command module.…

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    On “Radio”


    Regarding the graphic novel I was not very impressed, though to be fair this almost certainly has more to do with my tastes than anything else. The same holds true for the related videos. What Ira Glass said seemed very generic to me and could have been summed up very …

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    Five Card Flickr Story



    Joe woke up one morning and thought to himself “Today I am going to do one thing which is completely spontaneous and out of the ordinary.” As he walked down the familiar streets of the city that day he kept thinking about what he should do. What would be …

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    Design Assignments


    In keeping with the “Gattaca” theme here are two of the design assignments.

    They are “Troll Quotesand “The Four Icon Challenge” respectively. The third symbol is an eyelash.…

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    So here is my first story: (from Æsop)

    Once the fox and the leopard were disputing which one of theme was the more beautiful. The leopard proceeded to extoll his magnificent spotted fur coat. When he was finished the fox said “Ah your coat may be very smart but my …

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    First Post


    So, here is my first post on my blog. It has certainly taken forever to figure everything out. Now I will finally be able to upload all of the assignments. Before I do I would like to shamelessly promote the first item I added to the collective: Wildwechsel.

    It is …

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