1. @Hannah Woehrle

    What Makes a Superhero?


    I found the introduction to Ink-stained amazons and cinematic warriors: superwomen in modern mythology fascinating, and aside from the reverence of Joss Whedon, I agreed with a lot of it. I struggled a lot with the lack of female superheroes growing up. I also found the first ever Superman cartoon …

  2. @Hannah Woehrle

    Week 2


    Week 2 was a wild ride, my friends.

    I started out this week on a good note. I did my first assignment, blog post and all, this past weekend. It was the color changer assignment, which I think was a good starting place for me, because it was a …

  3. @Hannah Woehrle

    Simona the Nerd-moji


    For my final assignment of the week, I chose to do the “Mashing friends and emojis” mashup assignment. It caught my eye because it was so different from what I would usually consider to be a mashup. I play a lot of musical mashups on my radio show, so I …

  4. @Hannah Woehrle

    All My Friends are Winemoms


    When I came across the Buzzfeed quiz assignment, I got so excited. I love buzzfeed personality quizzes. My boyfriend mocks me relentlessly for it. I had so many ideas for what to do, it took me a while to narrow them down. Finally I decided on a theme – the …

  5. @Hannah Woehrle

    On Superheroes


    I’m a big fan of the superhero theme. I’ve never been a comic expert or anything, and I’m starting to lose my patience with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but in general, I’ve always loved the idea of superheroes. It’s an empowering concept, quite frankly. I think popular media really doesn’t …

  6. @Hannah Woehrle



    Here are my introductions from across the web! I guess I’ll introduce myself a bit here too. My name is Hannah, I’m a junior Communication major here at Mary Wash.  I’m also the Communications and Publications manager for WMWC Radio here on campus. I have a lot of experience navigating …

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