1. @Hannah Woehrle

    Design Blitz


    I collected four images this week to exhibit different elements of design.

    Minimalism/Use of Space

    I took this picture from my desk at work. Unfortunately, it’s an example of poor use of space. The text is very small, and there’s a lot of it, making it difficult to read unless …

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    For my final design assignment of the week, I did the “Create A READ Poster” assignment. I picked this one because as soon as I read the description, one of my favorite pictures came to mind.

    There’s a picture my mom took a few years ago of me, my dad, …

  3. @Hannah Woehrle

    My Funny Valentine


    For my third design assignment, I picked the “Valentine” assignment. It tasked me with designing a Valentine, preferably a funny one. I liked the sound of this, because it reminded me of the types of creative projects I loved to do as a kid.

    Here’s my valentine:

    I made in …

  4. @Hannah Woehrle

    Cool Letters


    In searching for a design assignment that I could incorporate my character into, I came across the “Generate Cool Letters” assignment. You had to write you name creatively, and I debated a little whether to use my character’s real name, or her superhero name. I decided on her real name, …

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    A Tattoo for Little Rascal


    For our superhero-specific design assignment, I decided to go with the “Super Tattoo” assignment. I also figured it would be a good fit to incorporate my superhero character, so rather than design one for myself, I designed it for Little Rascal.

    Here’s what I wound up with:

    The design is …

  6. @Hannah Woehrle

    Reflecting on Design


    I looked at some of  Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s videos to get my bearings in terms of design. There’s a lot of overlap with design and visual storytelling, as I realized while going through the assignment bank, and I wanted to figure out the distinction.

    His video “Controlling Movement” looked …

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    Week 5


    Week 5 has come to a close! The audio week was kind of a mixed bag for me. I do have experience with audio storytelling, between my radio shows and my experiments with audacity in my own time. The assignments were fun, but time consuming.

    I started the week with …

  8. @Hannah Woehrle

    Superhero Soundtrack


    Here’s my superhero soundtrack! It’s not too long, but I threw in a funky track that I think Little Rascal would appreciate. It’s nothing if not honest.

  9. @Hannah Woehrle

    Sound Effects Story


    One of the assignments we had to do was the “Sound Effects Story”. This was an interesting exercise, but I wasn’t sure where to start with it. It’s difficult to communicate a narrative without words; dialogue is vitally important to audio storytelling.

    My story ended up being about a kitchen …

  10. @Hannah Woehrle

    Radio Bumper


    Here’s my radio bumper! This was fun o do, because I am an officer for the radio station on campus. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for WMWC for awhile.

    I kept it short and sweet, made a comment about the contrast between digital radio and traditional radio, …

  11. @Hannah Woehrle

    Snail Chase Commentary


    For my second audio assignment, I did the “Car Chase Commentary” assignment. I knew I had to do something that incorporated my superhero character, and I knew that was going to be a stretch, because none of the audio assignments really lent themselves to that. So, when I came across …

  12. @Hannah Woehrle

    Radio Show Ideas


    I feel like the most obvious idea is to compose a narrative in which the superhero characters we created interact with one another. This would be even more effective if the archetypes varied – a superhero, a sidekick, a villain, etc. If we’re splitting into groups, then each story would …

  13. @Hannah Woehrle

    Audio Storytelling


    “Moon Graffiti’ was interesting to listen to. It was very dialogue heavy, which I wasn’t expecting. I know that’s not unusual for radio programs, as I’ve noticed listening to NPR and radio broadcasts for other classes, but considering the other assignments we have for this week, I anticipated more focus …

  14. @Hannah Woehrle

    Adventures in Radio


    Listening to Luke Cage tonight was…interesting. I’ve never seen the show, so I was going in totally without context. It wasn’t as confusing as I had anticipated, but it had its challenges.

    I found the interpersonal relationships the most difficult to navigate. I couldn’t always tell who was talking, so …

  15. @Hannah Woehrle

    Remake that Genre!


    I know a lot about covers. I have a radio show with a friend of mine where we just play mashups and covers. So, when I came across the “Remake that Genre” assignment, I had about  a million ideas.

    I narrowed it down to Ryan Adams cover of Taylor Swift’s …

  16. @Hannah Woehrle



    This assignment was a lot of fun. I liked how personal it was.

    The list I got was:

    Make a photo of something upside down that is never seen that way. Your most prized possession. Make a photo containing or suggesting fire and/or smoke Take a photo of two things…
  17. @Hannah Woehrle

    Superhero Photography


    For my superhero photography analysis, I went straight to the CW’s Supergirl. Flawed writing aside, the show is visually striking, and includes many classic superhero shots.

    One of them is the image below.

    A classic shot, this image shows Kara ripping away her street clothes to reveal her Supergirl costume …

  18. @Hannah Woehrle

    Poetry Art


    For my other Visual Assignment, I decided to do “Poetry Art”. I liked the idea of doing a visual assignment that wasn’t photography, and I love poetry (even though I can’t really write it).

    My poem poster ended up as:

    I picked Langston Hughes’ “Harlem” because it’s one of my …

  19. @Hannah Woehrle

    What’s in Little Rascal’s Backpack?


    I had to connect one of my visual assignments to the character I created. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do that, considering the fact that she’s not real and I can’t photograph her, but then I happened across the “What’s in your bag” assignment. I realized I …

  20. @Hannah Woehrle

    The Life of a Superhero


    For my superhero photography assignment, I decided to go with “The Life of a Superhero”, mainly because the only other option was the assignment I created. I figured I could handle this using a photo editor and a grocery store stock photo.

    It took me a couple tries, but I …

  21. @Hannah Woehrle

    Thoughts on Photography


    I’m not a photographer. I am trying to take more pictures – it’s actually been a recent focus of mine. I realized how glad I’ll be when I’m older to have the memories, so I’m trying to document more. This a casual endeavor though, not an artistic one.

    I have …

  22. @Hannah Woehrle

    Week 3


    Happy Friday! It’s been a long week.

    This week’s work felt somewhat overwhelming, but I think that’s because A) writing feels like more work than just about anything else and B) I wanted to make sure the content I was writing was good enough not to embarrass me, especially because …

  23. @Hannah Woehrle

    The Shape of Stories


    I came to a very interesting realization when I applied the Very First Superman Cartoon to Vonnegut’s The Shape of Stories. The cartoon fit the first model almost perfectly… if you consider Lois Lane to be the main character.

    To make this parallel work, I’m excluding the introduction where they …

  24. @Hannah Woehrle

    Introducing…Little Rascal


    Darla has the annoying little sister thing down to a science. It helps that her older counterpart, Eloise, is so easy to rile up. Stealing her clothes and bugging her friends would’ve been bad enough, but when you factor in that since they were kids Darla could read Ellie’s mind…it’s …

  25. @Hannah Woehrle

    A Haiku About Me


    For my second writing assignment, I picked the “Haiku About You”. It has been a very long time since I tried my hand at poetry, but I remembered liking it, and the haiku format is pretty forgiving.

    The haiku I came up with was :

    “Some people fear me

    My …

  26. @Hannah Woehrle

    A Day in the Life of a Superhero


    For my superhero writing assignment,  I picked the “A Day in the Life of a Superhero” assignment. I was drawn to the random superhero generator, because I’m still brainstorming for my character dossier, and I wanted to save my best ideas for that.

    I went into the generator and selected …

  27. @Hannah Woehrle

    A Day in the Life of Mega Bane



    I was supposed to be awake by 8:00 this morning, but it looks like I accidentally pulsed my phone when my alarm went off…again. Having the power of magnetic pulse is all fun and games until you’re half-asleep and cranky. Now it’s noon, and I am really. freaking. …

  28. @Hannah Woehrle

    Do You Think My Coffee Maker Likes Me?


    For one of my Writing Assignments this week, I decided to tackle the “Monologue of a Household Tool”. I’m not much of a writer, but I did act in high school, so I thought this might be suited to my strengths.

    As I brainstormed what appliance to go with, I …

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