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  1. @jayce_hovis

    Lab 9

    Jayce Hovis­ 12-15-17 Objectives: My objective was to make a network and than fix it after someone messes it up. Equipment List: – 3 Computers – 2 Routers – 3 Switches – And a bunch of Cables Notes And Observations: You can do this in a group or do this by yourself, just make sure... Continue Reading →
  2. @jayce_hovis

    Designing A Logo

    I decided to design a Logo and this is what I came up with. Everything was made by me and/or CC0, in which means i was able to re-modify and use it. The Black vine and Red roses would be the Logo Stamp. While Rose Industries would be the name.
  3. @jayce_hovis

    Summary 9

    Assignment Bank 15: Superhuman in Everyday Life I made a Tutorial over this one, if you want to see it go ahead and check out the original blog. I had to show what Superpower I wanted as well as show it in action via images. I decided to explain it in a tutorial this time.... Continue Reading →
  4. @jayce_hovis

    Learning Reflection 14

    This week of Hardware and Network Fundamentals we built an entire network with routers, switches, and computers. We than proceed to develop a network and process a LAN network, this network was a LAN network only because it was restricted by cables, but if it was wireless it would of been WAN. LAN stands for... Continue Reading →
  5. @jayce_hovis

    Assignment Bank 15 #DS106 (4 Star)

    I did “Superhuman in Everyday Life” Mashup Assignment. Summary: I had to use Adobe Photoshop and mix 2 images together by showing what I wanted my superpower to be. It’s close but I can’t really show invisibility through images now can I. So Super Jump/Leap it is! I didn’t choose fly because it’s so overrated... Continue Reading →
  6. @jayce_hovis

    Lab 8

    Jayce Hovis­ 11-29-17 Objectives: My objective was to create a video that was cut well and edited well, with all criteria made. Equipment List: – Computer – Video Editing Software – To understand Copyright – YouTube Account Notes And Observations: We went to this link, we than downloaded that video and were supposed to... Continue Reading →
  7. @jayce_hovis

    Summary 8

    Assignment Bank 12: One Archetype, Five Movies, Five Seconds I just stuck with one movie, because it takes forever to download 5 movies. My movie “Gunslinger” came from YouTube. I used Adobe Premier Pro. I came up with “How many times can you get shot and live” Want to see the original blog post —> Continue Reading →
  8. @jayce_hovis

    Learning Reflection 13

    This week of Hardware and Network Fundamentals we finished talking about Routers, Hubs, Switches, and Subnet Mask. We are to make a video about a certain subject while following copyright laws so we can post it on YouTube. It must be 2-4 minutes long as well. My subject being the OSI Model entirety. I went... Continue Reading →
  9. @jayce_hovis

    Learning Reflection 12

    This week of Hardware and Network Fundamentals we learned about Video editing. *Now I already know about video editing but in know way am I good at it We learned how to transition, cut, upload, and pretty much all basic type video editing skills. Upload, import, download, green screen, images, sound, unlink and link, reactions,... Continue Reading →
  10. @jayce_hovis

    Assignment Bank #DS106 (4 Stars)

    did “Digital Story Compilation” Video Assignment. In this assignment he had to grab everything you’ve done DS106 related (picture wise) and put it in a video. I had used Adobe Premiere Pro and Microsoft PowerPoint. I started off with Microsoft PowerPoint to get my images all linked together and sized properly. I then saved it... Continue Reading →
  11. @jayce_hovis

    Learning Reflection 11

    This week of Hardware and Network Fundamentals we learned about Packet Sniffing. A “Packet Sniffer” also known as a “Packet Analyzer” is a computer program (or some type of computer hardware,) that can intercept and log traffic that passes over a digital network or a certain part of the network. This program or hardware allows... Continue Reading →
  12. @jayce_hovis

    Lab 7

    Jayce Hovis­         11-2-17 Objectives: Our objective was to create a working network in which we could play an old game called Unreal Tournament. Equipment list: –At least 2 Computers –Switch –Router –Ethernet cables and Extension cords –Paper and pencil to plan your design Notes and Observations: We ended up with 1 huge... Continue Reading →
  13. @jayce_hovis

    Summary 7

    Assignment Bank 11:  In this assignment bank I grabbed only sound effects to make a story of somebody getting home at their house in the country and decided to get something to eat. Why don’t you check it out at the original blog post down below. Want to see the original blog post —> Go... Continue Reading →
  14. @jayce_hovis

    Learning Reflection 9

    This week of Hardware and Network Fundamentals we went from learning with general subnet masks to learning what a borrowed subnet mask is. bold = network addresses underline = host bits n=2 ~In Binary~ 10101100.10101000.11110010.00000001 11111111.11111111.11000000.00000000 10101100.10101000.11000000.00000000 ~In Binary~ A borrowed subnet mask is when a general subnet mask (class... Continue Reading →

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