1. @jayce_hovis

    Learning Reflection 5


    This week of Hardware and Network Fundamentals we learned about TCP/IP networks, Routers Protocols, and switches.

    Some Routing Protocols include:

    Interior Gateway Protocols Typically used by the same entity/organization Exterior Gateway Protocols Distance Vector = Limited size, older, slower – R.I.P. Routing Information Protocol Link State = Newer, faster, unlimited…
  2. @jayce_hovis

    Lab 3

    Jayce Hovis­         9-20-17 Objectives: My objective is to learn more about the OSI Model, TCP/IP model, and understand Computer Networks, as well as what layer they are located in. Equipment list: – A device in layer 1, layer 2, and layer 3 – A Table of the OSI Model –…
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    Learning Reflection 4


    This week of Hardware and Network Fundamentals we learned about Topologies, protocols, and addresses.

    No, no, no, not your typical addresses, MAC addresses and IP Addresses. We talked about Mac addresses and how the first 6 digits or 24-bits (AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA,) are the manufactures address. This tells you who made your …

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    Daily Create #DS106 #tdc2079


    I participated in the daily create today with this image, 

    Today was about Paperback Paradise, it you have never heard of Paperback Paradise, it’s where you grab a paperback book, and change the title of it! It pretty fun to do and can be quite humorous.

    If you would like …

  5. @jayce_hovis

    Assignment Bank 5 #DS106 (4 star)


    I did “Poetry Art” in the Visual area this time.

    Now I know it’s a dark poem, however I prefer poems with meaning even though I love to fantasize and be creative all the time. I don’t know I guess I’m just weird, and you can only take so much …

  6. @jayce_hovis

    Assignment Bank 4 #DS106 (3 star)


    I moved to “Here Kitty Kitty” (interesting name) in the Visual area this time.

    now right away I know you notice cats, okay let me tell you I totally forgot the name when I did this assignment bank and when I looked back I laughed so hard, because there are …

  7. @jayce_hovis

    Assignment Bank 3 #DS106 (4 star)


    I did “Book Artist” Design assignment this time.

    I ahhhh went a little overboard with it, but I feel like it’s fine. I used Photoshop and InDesign for the picture and words structure. As well as the “penmanship.”

    If you want to try it yourself and do way better than …

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