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    Future ds106 students:


    To all future ds106 students:


    Don’t let people scare you away by saying that its too much work because in reality its not. Its the same amount of work you would have if you took a MWF class, expect it’s all just due…
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    Our Last Rodeo


    For the final project I decided to collaborate with Carlee and we planned a road trip cross country for after graduation! The four types of assignments that we used were design, audio, video and web. I really enjoyed doing this as my last assignment and had so much fun creating …

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    Were going on a trip!


    Carlee and I have decided to incorporate our characters for this project. At first we couldn’t think of anything to do but after looking at other assignments we came up with the idea to do a cross country road trip. Our road trip will of course start in Fredericksburg, where …

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    Week Thirteen: 4/15/16


    This week we worked with web storytelling. When I first read the assignments for this week I was not looking forward to it because they all sounded really hard and I wasn’t sure I could do them. To much surprise, they ended up not being that hard and actually fun …

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    George & Martha


    For this weeks set of daily creates we had to incorporate them somehow into one story. I kept this in mind as I was completing them and came up with a short story!

    It was the day after George & Martha’s wedding, and they woke up at sunrise to head …

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    Life is a Highway


    For this assignment (2.5 stars), we were to create a trip using google maps to tell a story! I decided to go ahead and do an unwritten story of a cross country road trip that I would like to take some day. A goal of mine is to hop in …

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    Which Chrisley are you?


    For this assignment (4.5 stars), we got to create our own Buzzfeed Quiz! I chose to do this assignment over others because I am always taking silly Buzzfeed quizzes when I am bored and scrolling through Facebook. We were able to choose any characters we wanted, so I chose to …

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    Dream Room


    For this assignment (3.5 stars), we had to create a Pinterest board for our dream room. I love using Pinterest so I found this assignment a lot of fun and useful because I will just keep the board for when I decide to decorate my room in the future! I …

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    Week Twelve: 4/8/16


    This week I decided to get a little ahead of the game due to a lot work in other classes due at the end of the week! This week was fun because we had to do a lot of assignments and I also enjoy picking assignments out of the assignment …

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    Pretty in Pink


    For this remix assignment, I had to make the original assignment more pink! I did the original assignment way back and lucky enough my room was pretty pink in the first place. I just added a pink background to the picture to make it stand out more. I enjoy …

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    Uncle Bob & Kya


    For this remix assignment, we had to introduce an unexpected character, someone as strange as an Uncle Bob into the pic of bringing your pet to school. Well funny enough, this is my actual Uncle Bob. If he found out I included him in my homework assignment he probably …

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    Legally Smeagol


    For this assignment (4.5 stars), I had to mash together two movies scenes into one. I chose to do my favorite movie Legally Blonde and picked the ending scene of the movie. I also chose to use Smeagol from The Lord of the Rings and placed his head on Emmets …

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    Can you tell the difference?


    For this assignment (4.5 stars), we had to take a picture of a friend doing something similar to an emoji. I asked my friend if they wanted to partake in this assignment and to send me a picture of them looking like an emoji. Out of all the emojis, this …

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    Fourth of Thanksmas


    For this assignment (4 stars), we had to mash our three favorite holidays into one picture! I chose Thanksgiving, Fourth of July and Christmas. I chose Thanksgiving because I love all the food and time you get to spend with family. I chose Christmas because it’s my favorite time of …

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    Week Eleven: 4/1/16


    I am really glad I chose to do the video project this week and pleased with the way it turned out! Our final show is embedded above, it was pretty easy and fun to make. I enjoyed using iMovie and doing all the editing of my clip. Good job to …

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    Group Update


    Just an update on my groups video project! Right now, we should all be working on our individual Vlog posts and doing all the editing. Our plan is for each of ours to be about 5 minutes long. I did some filming today, and will finish up tomorrow. I keep …

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    Week Ten: 3/25/16


    I was not looking forward to this week involving video because I have little experience when it comes to editing and all that fun stuff, but I actually ended up really liking it! It was good to learn how to use iMovie, as well learn all the different things that …

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    I could do this all night


    For this assignment, we had to create a short video of our favorite thing to do. Well mine is obvious, I love to play field hockey. I have played basically my entire life just about 365 days a year and have dedicated a lot of time, money, and heart …

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