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  1. @jsteele_ds106

    Western Design

    When people think western, there is usually a set depiction in their head of what that is from what they have seen and learned over the years. When I think of western design I think  cowboys, black & white and thick bold fonts. These things are all shown across different types of western design. Like … Continue reading Western Design
  2. @jsteele_ds106

    Hey Y’all 2016-02-18 12:56:07

    Happy birthday/anniversary ds106 daily create! I feel like daily creates are a huge part of the ds106 experience so its crazy to think that one has been posted for 1500 days so far. #dailycreate #tdc1500 — Jenna Steele ...
  3. @jsteele_ds106


    For this assignment, we were required to make a wanted poster for one of the most wanted outlaws. I chose to do Sam Bass, who was wanted for his robbery of property worth $60,000 for the Union Pacific gold train. Even tho Sam Bass was technically killed on his way to do another robbery, it … Continue reading Wanted!
  4. @jsteele_ds106

    Hey Y’all 2016-02-09 22:46:37

    Another blog post related to my dog, wouldn’t this be the coolest invention tho?! My invention is a dogaphone that allows dogs to be able to speak human! It goes for about $150 #tdc1493 #dailycreate — Jenna Steele (@jsteele_ds106) February 10, 2016  
  5. @jsteele_ds106

    Live Tweetin’

    So I just finished live tweeting tonights radio show and I wanted to to share my thoughts. Tonights story was full of intense scenes, action and violence which made it interesting. I think what was really cool was that because they didn’t have the visual aspect of a show they used different sounds to set … Continue reading Live Tweetin’
  6. @jsteele_ds106


    I was never really exposed to black and white movies growing up. So I’ve never had much interest in watching them, I’m not sure why I have the bias but to me if its black and white then the movie must be boring. Well thats not true, and after watching Stagecoach I learned that. Stagecoach … Continue reading Cinematography
  7. @jsteele_ds106

    The Lazy Bunch

      This assignment overall was fairly easy, the hardest part for me was trying to get my friends to actually do it! Hence the name, The Lazy Bunch. I took individual videos of each person and then used an app that makes pic stitches for videos and just inserted them where they were supposed to … Continue reading The Lazy Bunch
  8. @jsteele_ds106


    I expected this assignment to take the full 20  minutes when I first read it but then once I started it was so quick. I enjoyed doing this because it was fun and like a challenge to run around my house and find random stuff. I posted my pictures in a slideshow and it only … Continue reading photoblitzz
  9. @jsteele_ds106

    Hey Y'all 2016-02-03 13:51:32

    I can barely draw with my eyes open so having to draw with my eyes closed, now thats a joke! I think this is a cactus? #tdc1485 #dailycreate #idrawbetterwithmyeyesopen — Jenna Steele (@jsteele_ds106) February 1, 2016
  10. @jsteele_ds106

    Our love story

    We were both starting preschool when we became friends. Our earliest memories are playing outside during recess, or coloring each other pictures during free time. We became best friends, and gave each other ring pops and promised each other we would be best friends forever. I still have that ring pop. We went on to … Continue reading Our love story
  11. @jsteele_ds106

    Capture Life

    Have you ever heard someone say that in todays day and age we are no longer living in the moment because we are too focused on trying to capture that moment? It’s like people think that taking a quick picture is making the memory of less importance. And I don’t think that is true at … Continue reading Capture Life

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