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  1. @jsteele_ds106

    My kind of essay

    I really enjoyed completing this assignment. When I first saw essay, I dreaded the thought of having to write an actual essay but once I saw the actual assignment I was excited to complete it! I chose to analyze a scene in Django Unchained that had the shot-reverse shot effect, the ensemble staging effect and … Continue reading My kind of essay
  2. @jsteele_ds106

    Burger Night

    Well now that the murder of Johnny in our town has been resolved and life has started to get back to normal, Tumbleweed Saloon has opened back up for business and I (Agnus) start working again tomorrow. Before I started back up I wanted to have dinner with my good friend Talie to catch up … Continue reading Burger Night
  3. @jsteele_ds106

    Design Poster

    Here is my radio show poster that I designed for our groups show! It was fairly simple to make once I found the right background that I wanted to use. I used the website to create this and started a new project. I chose my background from google, and then chose the font. I … Continue reading Design Poster
  4. @jsteele_ds106


    For this assignment, we had to create a missing flyers poster of anyone we wanted. I chose to do Shrek, one of my favorite cartoon movie characters from when I was younger. I used Microsoft word to complete this assignment and actually had a lot of fun doing it! It was fairly simple, I just … Continue reading Help!
  5. @jsteele_ds106


    This assignment call Change of Scenery required you to put yourself or others in a different setting. This assignment was worth 4 stars and I had a lot of fun completing this one. To complete this assignment I used the app fotobom. I took two different pictures, one of myself dressed as an Oompa Loompa and … Continue reading Surfin’

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