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    Node #2 Reflection and Summary

    Impressions of AI: A Progression

    (1) As we have started talking about AI my first thought was of an old website my siblings and I used to play on called Cleverbot.com. I believe that this website would be considered a form of AI because like Shane talks about in the …

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    Gaming Journal #2


    Oh boy.

    Firstly, this week was exciting because I was finally got to dive into some serious gameplay!!! I have been playing BioShock throughout the week and wow – if my anxiety wasn’t bad before it sure is now. I am playing on Easy mode because although I have played …

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    Audio (Week 5 Summary)

    It’s Audio Week!

    Radio Bumper

    This bumper was created using Audacity. I recorded my voice and then found a free source music track to place behind the talking. I used the Envelope Tool on Audacity to quiet the background music behind the speaking part, and used fade in and fade …

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    Final Project Submission and Summary


    Embedded below (through SoundCloud) is my final project!!! I created a podcast titled “Netflix: Fact or Fiction” that is a podcast that combines history with pop culture/modern day TV shows that are inspired by history and historical locations. In this podcast, we take a look at some historical facts or …

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    Final Project: The Plan

    For my final project, I decided on doing a podcast style presentation, however I want to include images throughout the presentation so I either will do a voiceover with changing images or do a podcast and then create an additional post as a resource page where you can see images…
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    Visualize With Me (Week 4 Summary)

    Me analyzing pictures all week

    Daily Creates: Week 4

    Welcome back to this week’s edition of Weekly Summary! Starting off our show tonight are the one and only Daily Creates. In accordance with this unit, all of the Daily Creates this week were very focused on visual experiences. This weeks …

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    Hello, Nice to Meet You


    Week 1 Reflections

    This week was full of learning new things and practicing the fine art of patience. Setting up the Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud accounts was more accessible and a little easier than discovering and navigating WordPress and my own domain for the first time. I actually had some …

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