1. mirandaskin

    About Audio Storytelling


    For this assignment, I watched multiple videos on audio storytelling, which is a new concept to me.

    I watched Ira Glass‘ videos on his explanation of audio storytelling. At first, he describes the main focus of audio stories. First, they should be raising interesting questions that are hopefully answered …

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    Weekly Summary 3


    “First, What is Storytelling?” What did you learn this unit about your notion of storytelling? Where might it apply to your interests or studies?  Storytelling is a form of telling stories, made up, real, to anyone at any age. I learned that storytelling is something that still occurs, and now, …

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    Shape of Stories: Gone Girl


    After watching Vonnegut’s video on stories, I thought about movies that I have seen recently. I watched the movie Gone Girl, which is an awesome movie that I highly recommend. But spoilers below if you haven’t seen it.

    The movie starts off with Nick (Ben Affleck), worried because his …

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    Daily Create 9/13/15


    For this daily create, we had to create a video of my life in the future. This was new for me in terms of my past Daily Creates. I thought of all technology when I saw it!

    #tdc1344: One Minute of Your Day in 2065

    My life in 2065. Very …

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    Daily Create 9/9/15


    This daily create was to add to a poetry writing by Fransesco Lovato. I found this daily create to be interesting since he wanted our input all over twitter! This is the magic of digital sharing over twitter and other applications.

    #tdc1340: The current poem is #pxc001 and the first …

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    Daily Create 9/8/15


    For this daily create on September 8, we had to cheer up my fellow student, Kelsey since she was having computer troubles. This is the worst, so I understood. It was funny actually because I’m not sure how I would feel being the center of the daily create for the …

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    Daily Create 9/7/15


    On September 7, the Daily Create was actually one that I created! So this was exciting. I made this daily create because I love dolphins. And the picture that was used was adorable, I have to say.

    #tdc1338: Dolphin Meets Crab: Write a caption for what is in the mind …

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    Telling Stories with Photos


    Five Card Story: Building


    The inside of the city building contains empty rooms with echoes and only shadows from the windows. The floors are shiny, but are nothing without the furniture and desks that used to stand there before. There are birds that have created a new habitat inside, …

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    Thoughts & Ideas on Digital Storytelling


    When I think of the word storytelling, I think of my elementary school days. Distinctly in 1st grade, my teacher read stories while playing his guitar on Fridays. Every Friday, my fellow students and I would eagerly gather around him as he played and told a different story each time. …

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    Week 2 Summary


    How well do I feel I completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?   I think I completed this assignment well this week. It was more thinking and doing on my blog, with the reflections and daily creates we had. I installed the applications easily too. It is cool to see …

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    “Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able”


    I watched the presentations by Michael Wesch called “Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able: New Learning Environment for New Media Environment”. At first, I assumed the talk would describe how technology generates a fresh learning environment for this generation. He explains how this web creates a new learning environment for students at universities, …

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    Say it Like Peanut Butter: Jingle Bell Rock



    Story: As you may see, my first Digital Storytelling Assignment, is a Mean Girls GIF. This is a classic movie that I probably know every word to. Anyways, Lindsay Lohan plays the main character, who moves to a new high school all the way from Africa where she was …

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    Week 1 Summary

    How well do I feel I completed the requirements of this week’s assignment?   I think I completed this 1st assignment well. I read the directions and followed along and created all the social media accounts. Finally, I created my blog and put it all together. 2. What gave me trouble?…
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    Hello, world!! All about me..


    Hi, My name is Miranda. I’m a student in #ds106. Welcome to my first ever blog!!

    One of my all time favorite things is being at the beach or near an ocean. I also am a bio major and love marine life, and the ocean ecosystem. I visited Bermuda recently, …

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