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  1. @MoB4884

    Summin it up – round 3

    I was excited about this weeks assignments because it required me to interact with friends, talk about my favorite person (my mom), and I got to show off some of my favorite pictures of sunsets. I ended up sending my mom the post I wrote about her and she was very touched by what I […]
  2. @MoB4884

    Am I a Storyteller?

    I am not a huge fan of telling people personal details about my life – especially random strangers on the internet (sorry folks), but let me give you a glimpse. When I was watching Kurt Vonnegut talk about the shape of stories, I started wondering how I would draw my graph. My life has been […]
  3. @MoB4884

    Summin’ it up 2.0

    When reading the instructions for this week, I was a little overwhelmed about everything there was to do. 3 assignments from the assignment bank, 4 days of posts from the daily create, editing my blog, and commenting on others posts seemed like a lot for one week. I started to stress and worry that I […]
  4. @MoB4884

    Spill the Tea

    One of the assignments this week from the Design Assignments was to create a charity ad. One of my all time favorite charities is 4Ocean. The work they do is incredible and so inspiring. In relation to our theme of “What is Our Story”, this charity was what introduced me to ocean conservation. I got […]
  5. @MoB4884

    Week One Summary

    This week was really challenging for me because I am not very tech-savvy. I could not get the website design how I wanted it for the life of me and it was driving me crazy trying to figure out how to work everything on WordPress. I know in hindsight it really wasn’t THAT hard, but […]
  6. @MoB4884


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