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  1. natalie

    Sisley’s first day at Cargo City South

    Chapter II from the book Airways – I’m not in Hollywood Sisley arrived at the office in Cargo City South she makes her way to the reception on the fourth floor. The receptionist hands her over a visitor card and she moves on to the fifth floor, walking along the corridor passing the second glass door.… Continue reading Sisley’s first day at Cargo City South
  2. natalie

    ?The Agency – a new start?

    Chapter I from the book Airways – I’m not in Hollywood Sisley arrives at the logistic company Airways one of the largest international logistic companies world-wide where she is supposed to have a job interview. After registering with the receptionist at the 4th floor she carries on, going up to the 5th floor where the… Continue reading ?The Agency – a new start?
  3. natalie

    Office talks

    from the book A double Irish and a Dutch Avoka walks over to her place, starting the system. Her new colleagues, who had had the training for the last two weeks and who had badly complained on Friday about how crap it was, were just coming out of another question and answer game session, wondering about… Continue reading Office talks
  4. natalie

    Surprise, suprise

    from the book A double Irish and a Dutch Tonight, she couldn’t care less; she was ready, set to party and joined Harry, whose daughter and boyfriend had meanwhile arrived and who were already dancing on the dance floor. The music was playing and she felt like love was in the air. Harry, looking at Avoka, had seen her… Continue reading Surprise, suprise
  5. natalie

    New plan, new man

    from the book i-Land – A double Irish and a Dutch Avoka goes for a coffee while Harry gets his hair done. She gets an SMS from Hunt, who once again, suggests to her about how much he would like to be with her at the same place now. Avoka already knows it’s just one of… Continue reading New plan, new man
  6. natalie

    Arrival at Lower Baggot Street

    from the book i-Land – A double Irish and a Dutch Tuesday morning everything is ready, set and she takes off on her way to Dublin. After a half hour drive with the bus from the Airport Avoka arrives at Lower Baggot Street and walks the road along towards 99 Baggot Street where she has… Continue reading Arrival at Lower Baggot Street
  7. natalie

    Chapter 6 – Californian Sunshine

    from the book Magnetic – Again, just a girl! Sunday morning Flo woke up in San Francisco. Bright blue sky, the sun already shining high with temperatures over 25°, she felt like waking up in paradise. Flo was sharing a room with her friend Ella who had picked her up at the airport. A beautiful… Continue reading Chapter 6 – Californian Sunshine
  8. natalie

    Chapter 4 – April showers

    from my book Magnetic – Again, just a girl! Anna had decided to take Fritz’s offer and had been working with the agency in Germany for a few months now. It was the first week in April when she was waiting for someone to pick her up to join a concert. A legendary Jazz band… Continue reading Chapter 4 – April showers
  9. natalie

    Chapter Three – Paris 60’s fashion

    from the book MAGNETIC – Again, just a girl! In 1960 Inga revealed in a letter to her mother that she was married. She had fallen in love with an ambitious English actor and had silently married a year ago. Anna and her mother were surprised as this announcement had come so sudden, and it… Continue reading Chapter Three – Paris 60’s fashion
  10. natalie

    Magnetic – Again, just a girl – BOOK RELEASE

    CHAPTER TWO – JUST A GIRL The three girls, Anna, Inga and Betty, were standing in the Hall waiting to see their newly arrived sister for the first time. Dolphie’s friend Charly, the owner of the old villa, had asked the girls to come to the salon, the part of the house where they usually… Continue reading Magnetic – Again, just a girl – BOOK RELEASE
  11. natalie

    Out Now! New ebook – Blend 37 – Pippa Bow

    Read the first chapter…. Christmas Day Sitting on her flight back to London Pippa was glad having kind of survived the family Christmas celebrations which had turned out in a more stressful event running from one Christmas party to the next all within three days. The Christmas day had started with a lunch with the […]

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