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  1. natalie

    Chapter 4 – April showers

    from my book Magnetic – Again, just a girl! Anna had decided to take Fritz’s offer and had been working with the agency in Germany for a few months now. It was the first week in April when she was waiting for someone to pick her up to join a concert. A legendary Jazz band… Continue reading Chapter 4 – April showers
  2. Antonio Vantaggiato

    The abyss and the abyss invoked by the abyss

    Flickr photo: Abyss, by lucyroo.

    Sometimes (often, really) we find little gems of text within an already great work of literature. I stumbled in this terrific segment by Writer Gianfranco Garofiglio:   Le cose non esistono se non abbiamo le parole per chiamarle. Things do … Continue reading

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  3. @Chris_tastrophe

    Not To Be Dramatic, But This Will All End One Day

    Things Noted There Will Come Soft Rains Vivid imagery of all the machines, the nursery, and the fire Indirectly develops the setting and context of the post-nuclear house The nuclear after-flash of the family against the side of the house was an amazing description that required some thought and prior context to understand Repetition of […]

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