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  1. amandacrives

    Bonjour Europa! This is what honeymoon Dreams are made of (Part One)


    Most of my European dreams and inspirations, as I’m sure is the case for others as well, derives from famous movies and tv series like The Lizzy McGuire Movie, Luca, Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars, James Bond, Emily in Paris, etc. Thus, we saw it fitting to visit various parts of Europe, for our […]

    The post Bonjour Europa! This is what honeymoon Dreams are made of (Part One) first appeared on Amanda's Avenue .

  2. natalie

    CITY CADENCE – Chapter 1- SKYLINE, ROOFTOP – Views

    ?listen to the audio on ?  Sachsenhäuser Berg, in the mid-90s, buzzed with life atop the grounds of Henninger Bräu. The air was electric with the pulse of a massive party, and the stage was ablaze with D-Flame, passionately rapping about another day. The crowd undulated as one entity, their hands rising in synchronized waves… Continue reading CITY CADENCE – Chapter 1- SKYLINE, ROOFTOP – Views
  3. shaunv1

    London for Less! Guest Post by Riddhi Mahimkar!

    I’m really excited to introduce Riddhi Mahimkar as a guest blogger for BeyondBoredom. Trust me, it wasn’t easy getting her to write about her travels. She’s as lazy about documenting her journeys as she is passionate about travel. Unlike most of my other female classmates who are finding bliss in the arms of their new … Continue reading London for Less! Guest Post by Riddhi Mahimkar!
  4. shaunv1

    Merida – The Roman City in Spain

    Merida is the small but beautiful capital city of Extremadura, Spain. It’s a city that takes you straight to glorious heart of ancient Spain. Friendly folk, engaged in their lively banter in cafes on the narrow streets, Roman ruins scattered across the city, the rich aroma of roasted meat in the air are captivating to … Continue reading Merida – The Roman City in Spain

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