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  1. shaunv1

    London for Less! Guest Post by Riddhi Mahimkar!

    I’m really excited to introduce Riddhi Mahimkar as a guest blogger for BeyondBoredom. Trust me, it wasn’t easy getting her to write about her travels. She’s as lazy about documenting her journeys as she is passionate about travel. Unlike most of my other female classmates who are finding bliss in the arms of their new … Continue reading London for Less! Guest Post by Riddhi Mahimkar!
  2. shaunv1

    Waiheke Island

    Lazing around at the Jumeirah Beach here in Dubai reminded me of Waiheke Island, near Auckland, probably one of the best beaches I have ever been to, so here are some of the pictures of the lesser known Waiheke Island. Waiheke is just a 35 minute ferry ride (under 50$) from downtown Auckland and is … Continue reading Waiheke Island
  3. shaunv1

    Merida – The Roman City in Spain

    Merida is the small but beautiful capital city of Extremadura, Spain. It’s a city that takes you straight to glorious heart of ancient Spain. Friendly folk, engaged in their lively banter in cafes on the narrow streets, Roman ruins scattered across the city, the rich aroma of roasted meat in the air are captivating to … Continue reading Merida – The Roman City in Spain
  4. shaunv1

    My First Visit to a Mosque

    On Friday, I visited the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. My first time at a Mosque and I was blown away by it’s majestic beauty. It is the eight largest mosque in the world and its design unites the cultural diversity of Islamic world, the historical and modern values of architecture and art. It … Continue reading My First Visit to a Mosque
  5. shaunv1

    Vagabond Wisdom – The menace of the media

    ‘But is it safe?’ I asked my uncle. He had just been to Mexico, on holiday. He was a science professor in North America, and was now in India. ‘Yeah?’ He looked at me slightly confused. ‘Is it safe like you know to walk down the street alone?’ I probed a little more. The minute … Continue reading Vagabond Wisdom – The menace of the media

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