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  1. @imatutu_

    Final Project

    I hope you enjoy looking at/listening to my project! I decided to dial back and not use video for this project, as my scavenger hunt idea didn’t really work out so I decided to just basically reflect on my life during this semester taking DS106 and the impact this class had on my life. I […]
  2. @imatutu_

    Thinking Ahead

    I think this final project for this class should be something that I really enjoy making and or the subject of the project is something I would enjoy learning about, and that’s why I like the idea Marche had with cryptocurrency. Not much is known about cryptocurrency and how such a intangible item became so […]
  3. @imatutu_

    Radio Show Brainstorm

    I think it’s an interesting idea to try and make a 30 minute radio talk show. I would be interested to tell a story about anything really, my story is your story. I do think, however, it will be hard for me to stretch out just me and few other people talking on a radio […]
  4. @imatutu_

    Thematic Thoughts Part 2

    You guys like that alliteration? I know I’m proud of my self. Even if you aren’t as proud as I am, we should all be proud of how many different interpretations and perspectives we took in thinking about this all-encompassing overarching theme of “What is your story?” In reading through so many thoughts on just […]

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