1. @Markham_McFly



    Last week, I chose the topic of uncovering the mystery of who the double agent in ds106 is. For my final project, I went through posts from one of our classmates’ blogs to examine material that would raise flags. I used a software called Slidestory to create my work, and …

  2. @slotaheather

    Dear Future 106 Students….


    Well, there you are. You are a. thinking about taking the class or b. in the class. Well here is your warning that you will get from others, there is a lot of work. Be prepared. When he sends that email at the semester, do not take it lightly. I …

  3. @mingea

    Week 14



    We are finally done.

    My final project consisted of a really long evidence blog post where my agent mac took over the blog. She explains the situation that she was in, how it all started, and how it ended. This was really fun to do cause I got to …

  4. @libcal3

    The Final Update


    This week was the final of the final weeks of DS106. It’s been an exciting a crazy semester. My advice for future DS106 students post really captures the spirit of anything I could say about this course.

    Amari and I worked together to create a interesting and multimedia filled project …

  5. @libcal3

    Explaining Everything

    Creative Warning:

    This blog post is the explanation the full on summary of everything, and I do mean everything (or as close to as possible) that went into the creation of the final project created by Agent Amari and I. So! If you haven’t viewed our final project please go …

  6. @libcal3

    The Directorate’s Spy


    Agent Zero is on a mission. Director Bond of DS106 Headquarters asked Zero for her help in finding out who has been spying on the DS106 agents for the Directorate. The Directorate recently interviewed DS106 agents and concerns sparked that she had a secret mole among the operatives. Agent Zero …

  7. @mingea

    Advise to the newbies


    Hi Newcomers,

    Welcome to DS106, its one hell of a ride.

    My one advice to you is to be creative. The class became enjoyable once I started making all my posts funny. You dont need experience in photoshop, or any software really, but google will become your best friend. I …

  8. @libcal3

    Tips, Tricks, and How to DS106


    Advice any future DS106 student should know

    The number one advice any future DS106 student should know is that you should never underestimate this class.  Now I mean this in a few ways, in terms of time,  in what you can get out of this course at the end, and …

  9. @NickSebenaler

    Advice for Future Students


    If you are a new student or just enrolled in ds106 you are probably wondering what it will be like and how to get an A. In this post I will go over what you will expect to do during the class and some tips to help you get a …

  10. @TomWorfolk1

    Final Project


    The Hotel

    Scene one

    Time Log 6:00pm 4/10/2017

    *Agent Frank Underwood returns home from the office distraught, thinking about all the hours of training and studying to become an agent, and for what? He was working a glorified 9-5 desk job in a cubicle on 32nd street in downtown D.C. …

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  1. Apartment 833

    For my final visual assignment, I completed the Room Tour assignment. I absolutely love moving to a new place and decorating it to make the place my own. This year, I am living in the apartment with my friends Greg and Brendan. I will admit, our apartment looks pretty girly, …

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