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30 Second Story

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For my thirty second story, I decided to talk about my dog, Diego. He is about to turn on and is hyper like crazy and I’m pretty sure he has separation anxiety. I had taken him him with me to run some errands. Had to get gas, go to the bank, you know, usual errands.

I got into walmart for not even 5 minutes. I grab a couple of things and pay for my stuff. Next thing I know, when I get to my car. Diego is in the driver seat all happy scratching my window, but when I opened the door to get inside, the whole interior inside on at the top where the light is was destroyed. pieces of cloth and fabric hanging from the ceiling of the car. While I was trying to be mad at diego, he just sat there with that puppy face as if he had done nothing wrong. So I know I don’t take him with me unless the errands are quick and in sight of the dog.

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