1. Ivan Martinez

    Dear Future DS106ers….


    Dear future DS106ers,

    Only one word to describe this class, you ready? Legen….wait for it…DARY, Legendary!! This class is something that teaches you about being creative and using your imagination, a lot of which college courses do not let you do as when you were once a kid. Audio, visual, …

  2. Ivan Martinez

    Messin with A Comic


    Reading a comic makes anyone laugh and I always wanted to attempt to fill in bubbles of comic strips with my own text. It was hard and challenging to find just the right comic strip as there are thousands to pick from and modify, but also once you pick that …

  3. Ivan Martinez

    Creative Audio


    A walk through the woods
    For my creative audio assignment, I decided to go back and mess with audio and sound effects from freesound.org. I really enjoyed working with this website the first time and wanted to go back and make a new sound audio. I really wanted to make …

  4. Ivan Martinez

    4 Chords Mash-Up


    For this final assignment, I loved the youtube video, called 4 chords by the Axis of Awesome, from the moment I saw it and immediately I thought about this assignment.

    I love playing guitar and singing, its my passion, but I’m not very comfortable singing in front of a camera …

  5. Ivan Martinez

    Alex Goot


    Here is another incredible youtube genius. Alex Goot makes his own beats and instruments for his songs or the cover of his songs. HIs voice in unbelievable and the collaborations he has done are amazing. He has come out it and E.P. called “Song I Wish I Wrote” which are …

  6. Ivan Martinez

    Jesse Barrera


    Jesse Barrera, a singer/songwriter from San Diego, California, got his start in music when he was 15 years old. In 2002 he began playing music in an alternative/rock band called My American Heart. The five piece act traveled the world and were featured on tours such as: The Vans Warped …

  7. Ivan Martinez

    Sam Tsui


    This guy has a voice like no other. He is a Chinese American musician and Internet celebrity who rose to fame on YouTube. He is best known for covering and performing songs by popular artists, as well as original medleys and mashups. They have produced videos ranging from covers and …

  8. Ivan Martinez

    Sam Tsui


    This guy has a voice like no other. He is a Chinese American musician and Internet celebrity who rose to fame on YouTube. He is best known for covering and performing songs by popular artists, as well as original medleys and mashups. They have produced videos ranging from covers and …

  9. Ivan Martinez

    An Original Song


    I love seeing others on youtube who are talented and sing their own songs or do a covers. I have a friend who is an amazing song writer and makes her own songs. I was interested in having her part of my blog and asked to see if she wanted …

  10. Ivan Martinez

    Chester See


    Chester See was born and raised in Fairfield California. He attended UCLA and received a Bachelors Degree in Theater Arts with an emphasis in Acting. In 2006 Chester became the face of Disney Channels “Disney 365?and Hosted the show for over 3 years. He’s appeared in several Ad campaigns, National …

  11. Ivan Martinez

    Joseph Vincent


    Joseph Vincent is an up-and-coming acoustic artist striving to make a name for himself in the world of music. Growing up, Joseph had an open ear for music, listening to all types of genres from hip-hop to rock. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 15 and …

  12. Ivan Martinez



    Russell Gilbert Llantino, known by his stage name D-Pryde, is a 17 year old producer/writer/rap artist. Born in Mississauga, Ontario, the son of Rosalie Llantino and Gilbert Llantino, and is of Spanish and Filipino decent. Three years after his birth, his father walked out, leaving him, his older brother, and …

  13. Ivan Martinez

    Emperor’s New Groove – Video Commentary


    For my video commentary I decided to do one of my favorite Disney movies, “The Emperor’s New Groove.” I picked my favorite clips and did a summary of the movie. I had some trouble putting this together and picking out my favorite clips, but commenting was very hard as I …

  14. Ivan Martinez

    Scott Yoshimoto


    Since having an account since 2005, just a couple of days ago he was finally given a YouTube partner thanks to the many viewers and subscribers on his account. He also has his own movie production called MOVeMEDIA productions where he makes his own short films or skits. Like this …

  15. Ivan Martinez

    Tyler Ward


    Tyler Ward started out like an other singer with a dream, a camera and a youtube account, but he made it big. Since then, he produces and records his own songs, does covers of songs and sells them on itunes. He is not alone, he has a group of talented …

  16. Ivan Martinez

    music4lifestyle.info 2011-03-28 06:49:34


    Here is my attempt in using Firebug. I wasn’t able to be very creative since I used Craigslist, but I did what I could. I went to the job descriptions and decided to make up new jobs that nobody would want to do or ridiculous jobs that apparently people need …

  17. Ivan Martinez

    DS106 Radio Show


    For our radio show we had a blast making this assignment, although it was difficult and had some issues, Luis and I thought it turned out great. having a talk show about relationships is something anyone can relate to and giving out advice was something we could come up with …

  18. Ivan Martinez

    Final Project


    For my final project I decide that I would keep up with my blogging of different musicians on Youtube who are just waiting to be discovered. There is so much talent on the internet that people that should be signed to a record label are not, so I hope my …

  19. Ivan Martinez

    Canon Rock!


    This has got to be one of the most amazing and beautiful use of a guitar. These guitarists play and old school instrumental, but put there own twist on it using electric guitars. The sound of not just one, but six guitarist is spectacular. It first started with one of …

  20. Ivan Martinez

    How I Met Your Moms


    This has got to be one of my favorite shows of all time! The main reason is because one of the character in the show, Barney Stinson, played by actor Niel Patrick Harris, plays his part perfectly as a man who is always on the hunt looking for girls and …

  21. Ivan Martinez

    Lupe Fiasco


    Another rap who is has made it from a long way and proving to everyone he does have it. He is finally set to release his third studio album in March. His first bit hit was called “superstar” which everyone should know or heard of because of the hook on …

  22. Ivan Martinez

    Visual Design – Adorable


    I love this photo and I though, what better way to show it off than to use the dogs cuteness. I used Adobe Photoshop once again for the text, but this time I decided to use a color that would blend in a bit with the dogs and also make …

  23. Ivan Martinez

    Visual Assignment – Fireworks!


    Doing the Visual assignment was a bit hard as I had to look for a good picture and then finding the lyrics to go with it. Once I found this picture I had to use one of my favorite songs. The lyrics are from Drakes song “Fireworks,” and as you …

  24. Ivan Martinez

    Michael Jackson


    The king of pop a.k.a Michael Jackson. One of the best artist ever, he never disappointed with so many hit singles and songs and many tours. His dancing was also amazing. Starting out as the Jackson 5 with his brother, he then became independent and started his solo career seeing …

  25. Ivan Martinez



    I love this show, Its always sunny in Philedelphia. The character play dumb roles and do the most stupidest thing I’ve seen and in the end they never learn there lesson at all. Check out this funny clip from the show!

  26. Ivan Martinez



    This rapper is under rated and is from the DMV, aka D.C. This guy can spit and goes hard on his songs and his rhymes. One of my favorite rappers and who should be more recognized. He came to UMW for our homecoming, but that joint was whack. Even wale …

  27. Ivan Martinez



    What has a better straight line than your own bathroom? So many lines and a pattern to catch your attention and you see it every day.…

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