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My First Story

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Any one who knows me knows I’m a huge Green Day fan. So, I figured my first story can be about the last Green Day concert I went to. The reason I chose this is partly because I already have it all written out. I have this ritual where after every concert I go to I write down every song they play and basically the whole day hour by hour. It’s kinda weird but it’s nice to look back. I also chose this story topic because I’ve liked them since I was eight and now I’m 21. So, it’s been cool to see hear them grow up musically And quite frankly I’m at the point where if they put out a track of just farts I’d probably listen to it more than once. Anyways on with the story: Green Day went on tour for their 21st century CD, probably my least favorite CD, at the Verizon Center in DC. I was supposed to go with one of my friends, who is just as obsessed with Green Day as me, but the day before the show they had a family emergency and couldn’t go. Luckily I had no problem finding a replacement, which sounds really mean now that I read that back to myself, sorry. My other friend and I got there early and we were given a number since we were in general admission (pit). This number told us where we were in line and that was weird because this was the first time I was seeing Green Day play a big venue. (the last time I saw them was, at the time, six years ago at the 9:30 club right before American Idiot came out) So we get our number #32 in line and we leave. We ate at subway and we met a bunch of Australian tourist who were really nice and talked a lot about Rugby. Then we came back around 5pm (doors open at 6) And there were a lot of people around and I was a little worried because I really wanted to keep my place in line. Then, I don’t know how this happened so early, but the doors opened and I was somehow the 5th person in the door. At that point I had no idea where my friend was and luck had it my phone died so I was just going through the underground part, I don’t even know, by myself hoping my friend would catch up. Eventually we were all herded into the general admission area and I ran up to be up against the barricade right in front of Mike (bass player) and so there I was up against the barricade. I was really excited because I’ve never been in the front row/closest to the stage before so I was really excited. Luckily my friend wasn’t too behind and she got a spot right next to me. So we waited another hour and then another hour and then finally the opening act Kaiser Cheifs started they were pretty good. And then we waited half an hour and FINALLY Green Day came out, and they always put on a good show. It was fun to get a close up look. During the whole show Billie(lead) is running left and right, he never stopped moving and Mike is playing his bass and he always makes these really funny angry faces when he plays. But the coolest part I think was the drummer Tre Cool; who is kinda known for being crazy; like all drummers. I had a perfect view of him and after the 2nd song I pointed at him and mouthed “you friggin rock” and he pointed back at me and stuck out his tongue and smiled, which he does while he plays but this was a break and I looked at my friend and I was like “whhatttttt did Tre just stick his tongue out at me?!” and my friends said something like, “yeah you’re the only one pointing at him everyone else is looking at Billie.” So that was awesome. They played my favorite song Hitchin’ a Ride and they put on 2 encores and the last one was just Billie doing his acoustic set and during that Mike kind of went to the side of the stage and pointed to the group of us (the people around us) and gave us some picks. That was really unexpected but it was a great time. The next day a friend finds this picture on Flickr of me/crowd/Billie at the concert. I debated about posting this picture here because I look ridiculously silly and I’ll probably regret positing this but whatever I love it at the same time. I hope you enjoyed my wordy first story!

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