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When reading these assignments I was hearing a lot of things that I had already learned or learned from last weeks reading.  It was all about how creating a digital story on the web is growing and how people are doing it.  The “Creative Commons” article was really interesting to me because I am also learning about the creative commons in my Environmental Science class, but in a different sense.  In my Environmental Science class the commons is all of the Earth’s natural resources and how we as a people come to use them or exploit them.  This commons, however, has also moved into the digital world now that the age of technology is upon us.  It’s fascinating, to me at least, that there is infinitely  vast space out there that anyone in the world can use and mold their own identity.  In a way this is both good and bad because this new space can take us away from the world with which we are physically in but it cal also broaden our gaze to more and more opportunities that we never knew existed.  In that sense I love the idea of a “digital identity” or “digital storytelling” because I think that as time goes on our society is going to be more and more integrated into this digital space that people are going to be almost forced to establish a digital identity.  There is almost no hiding from it anymore, no matter where you go.

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